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2020 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe Has a Luxurious Interior and Sophisticated Technology

2020 Mercedes AMG S65 has a lot of chrome and should give you a sense of luxury and top-of-the-line AMG. This car has a V-12 engine, and it is a top of a line of  S-class coupe in Europe with sophisticated technology.

AMG S65 Coupe Exterior

You have AMG specific real at the front and also Swarovski crystals in the headlights.
AMG S65 has LED high intelligent headlights and a lot of chrome on the front bumper. Also, the outline of the shape bumper is so beautiful with AMG specific grille. You have the zero large multi-spoke wheels, and they adjust the silhouette of this car is just magnificent.


The new Mercedes AMG S65 has a V-12 Biturbo engine, which is 6.0 liter and has 621 hp @ 4,800 rpm and torque of 738 pound-feet @2,300 rpm. 0-62 mph in 4 seconds with rear-wheel-drive, so it doesn't have a 4matic plus, unlike the S63. You have ceramic brakes and chrome multi-spoke alloy wheels with the center cap of Mercedes-Benz logo with 255/40 20-inch tires.


It's incredible when you pressed the key fob, and all windows came down fold down into the body. S65 has a beautiful interior with black outside color and beige. This is just insane because it complements really nicely when you have a darker paint on the car, and then you have the bright interior, then it looks really premium.

The white key fob has AMG emblem in the front glossy black and metal design, and it has the AMG emblem on the backside where the V-12 engine is produced.

The Mercedes AMG S65 black design with a lot of carbon-fiber details has the appearance of a luxurious S-class and a sportive coupe. At the same time, very noticeable are the Swarovski crystals in the headlights; it also has it a lot in the interior.

You have aggressive open bumpers and 14 vertical lines for the grille. In a closer look, you will see the carbon-fiber details. The "obsidian black" color really matches with a contrast ceramic brakes in orange color.

The length of the S-class coupe is around 5 meters, with 7 double-spoke AMG rims.  It has the carbon-ceramic brakes, and the Mercedes star also sticks out on the side. It has the stands out V-12 of Biturbo emblem and carbon-fiber cover for the side mirrors. You have a very flat color on the side, it doesn't have the blacked-out windows because this car doesn't need it, you want people to see you driving an excellent car. You have carbon-fiber side skirts, and maybe your favorite part is the rear because it very massive, and you'll love the new taillights with the perfect design.


AMG exhaust tips are fantastic, exclusive for the S65 with more edges and also fully carbon-fiber, and that also counts for the diffuser, very luxurious, and aggressive design overall. The carbon fiber blends perfectly into the black-on-black design. The trunk opens automatically, and it has a lot of space over 600 liters. The rear tires are thicker, 325 also 20 inches and the Mercedes logo sticks out, and it has the AMG emblem on the side.

Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe Interior

The interior is impressive, it has the frameless door with the Burmester sound system. The windows are double glass, reliable, and useful for sound isolation, a top S-class quality. The door has soft closing, and the seatbelt pops out. When you press the button for the electronics to work, it says AMG. You'll have Swarovski crystals again as interior parts, and you have the button for the moon sky in the panoramic roof with the Swarovski crystal lights. The key has the AMG label as an accessory, and it also has a separate key for climate control before you enter.

In the Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe, you can control the infotainment system with the left part button on the steering wheel and the right button for the center console display. When you press the home button, it says AMG V12 you can swipe up and have a look at the G-force, the boost, and a lot more AMG settings. You can scroll and search for the heads-up display. You can also change the content of the AMG display with the rounds per minute. The hologram is excellent, and when you go to the home button, you can change the position. You have the red indicator, you can swipe it up or down. Just take into consideration that the new s-class is about to arrive with the high technology in this s-class generation.


You can change the gauges too, for example, sport and then again to the AMG V-12 to have all your lap time and g-force. The steering itself is a full option, one glossy carbon fiber. You have the driving assistant options, in the center, you will have your night vision.  If you press it, the full screen will have the night vision camera, but if you have your design on a classic, the wall image will transform. The gauges go up to 360 km/h, it will also indicate whether there is a person in front of you with a red line. An amazing steering view with the AMG emblem flat bottom and the Alcantara on the side, which is also flattened and very characteristic of an AMG model. It has a lid on the top of the steering wheel, and this can be the best AMG steering wheel ever, and we are very curious to see the new S-class AMG steering view coming up soon.


The Burmester sound system just behind your head, and you have a lot of space,  especially for the passenger. A really s-class feeling with the glassy carbon fiber details at the dash and door trim. It does have the IWC Schaffhausen clock on display but not in the interior, as you see in the limousine.

The ambient lighting has 64 different colors, and with the steering, you just swipe to choose it. For example, you press a red moon and deactivate the multi-color,  you have 64 different options. Maybe you want to set it on blue because this color is your favorites, very calm, and also a luxurious feeling.

You have terrific s-class seats and some storage space with a photobook emblem. You have 2 USB slots and the wireless charging for your phone. It is stitching on the sides very impressive, maybe it has been a long time since you sat in the s-class coupe, but then you realize this is a super quality.

Also, you'll find engine information display for the Newton meters of torque, the horsepower converted to kilowatts, and of course, there's a piece of vehicle information and if you have your dynamic select changed from comfort to Sport or Sport+ the display will also change. In the sport+,  the suspension will lower,  stirring sharper, and the engine is more responsive. The navigation system is also very robust, up-to-date, and you can see all of the worlds. 

To sit in the back seats, you just have to grab behind the front seat, and it will automatically slide forward, and if you pull back, it goes backward.

When it touches your knee, it will automatically go forward. So in terms of leg space, it is enough because it adjusted the seat.

From behind, you can notice the small engine for the air scarf, amazing quality Burmester sound system, and also heated seats. Besides, you have some storage space, cupholders, and some space for your papers.

New Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe Engine

Under the hood, it has a six-liter V12 producing 621 hp.


It has 78lb-ft of torque, and can you imagine it is only a rear-wheel-drive, and it's handcrafted by one person at affordable. The top speed is 186 mph.

Ryan Daniel
Ryan Daniel Ryan Daniel is a car enthusiast. Since owning his first BMW at a young age, he has loved the automotive world even more.