Custom VS Universal Car Covers

Although you can get universal car covers made of a standard size for your vehicle, these car covers often do not fit the car.

Yes, Universal car covers may indeed come cheap, and this is because they are made in bulk without proper detailing. And so, the customer may be saving money, but he is rarely happy.

These covers are not well-tailored in most cases, and they often lag in perfection and sophistication too.

Usually, to save a few pennies, the makers of these covers are in the practice of cutting the cost of materials and quality, thus suffers. 


In many cases, the universal car covers are made of fabrics that are not adequately tested before they are sold to customers.

If you have purchased a universal car cover, you will never get the best fit, as the car models vary greatly. 


A person who bought it to save a few dollars either end up feeling disappointed or spending more to get it ‘altered to his/her exact measurements.

It is like getting too short or oversized clothing and then having to spend money on alterations.

Car covers have to perform multiple roles. First, they need to offer protection against the sun and the rain because they damage a lovely vehicle’s finish.

There is also a harmful threat from the ultraviolet radiation that slowly damages and destroys the vehicle’s body and the interiors. 


Your car also faces significant threats from the bird droppings, which are acidic in nature. It also stains the vehicle’s finish.

Car covers should be durable and robust to withstand nature’s wrath. They should also come with a soft inner lining, which will protect the body from abrasion. 

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To block the harmful rays of the sun, the covers should have inbuilt UV inhibitors.

The fabric should be breathable enough to allow free air and moisture movement and prevent moisture from getting trapped. 


Car covers should fit the vehicle firmly, as this will effectively block the dirt and dust from accumulating on the body.

Universal or Semi-Custom Car Covers

Universal covers are mass-produced in vast quantities. These covers come in two or three standard sizes without considering the unique features of a particular model.

Hence Universal or Semi-Custom Car Cover can never do justice as these days, the models tend to differ by quite a bit. For example, a cover designed for a Chevy will never fit a Merc perfectly.

The body-hugging fit will never occur, and it might either be too tight at the top or too loose at the bottom. 


Also, certain cars have unique features like built-in bumpers, and these universal car covers will leave these areas exposed as their features change from one model to another.

There are severe flaws in universal car covers. Often these covers are made of materials that are neither breathable nor can inhibit ultraviolet rays.

Most universal car covers lack micro-pores that allow moisture to move freely. And they are made with fabric patches to having multiple seams that let the elements seep through, causing harm.

Universal or Semi-Custom seat covers and dash covers often block the side opening airbag.  

Today car models have computer programs to run then, and each car model is different from the other as each car owner strives to create something out of the box. 

And when it comes to the floor mats, it can become outright dangerous if they do not fit properly because they may slip and obstruct the brake.

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Custom Car Covers

On the other hand, Custom designed car covers are made with materials that have gone through rigorous testing.

The covers are tested for durability, colorfastness, UV-resistance, and breathability.

Once the fabrics are designed and tested, the covers are crafted with extreme precision using computerized CAD/CAM technology and skilled craftsmen who use automated tools and jigs.

Car cover


The hidden truth behind such outstanding craftsmanship is a result of two primary input methods. 

At a high-quality car cover factory, both men and machines are attuned to such an excellent working schedule that it only results in the best output ever experienced by the car cover industry.

The products are often taken as originals installed by the automaker, and they take this as a compliment.

These custom covers have the fewest seams, and thus you need not worry again about the seams coming through. 


Since they are personalized, they have been made for each individual model, they are sure to fit the car or the SUV with extreme precision.

The cover’s main job is to protect the vehicle, and the custom car cover does it exceptionally well. 


Most semi-custom cover makers’ give car covers a ‘generic fit’ to all ‘small,’ ‘medium,’ and ‘big’ cars. But neither do they look good, nor can they offer the protection the automobile needs.

Protection, Fit, and Attraction, these are the three principles that are applied by best car cover to make these custom car covers.

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