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This Beautiful 1950s Classic Dodge La Femme Was Made Only for Women

This car's interior is soft and very feminine, with pink seats that hold the body comfortably. You find more accessories with identical pink colors for women. 

It doesn't matter if this car sounds beautiful, and as a woman, you can drive it. But it's not just a dream, everything is authentic, and this car really exists.

la femme dodge car

The online information we get from the internet can sometimes be astounding as if they are like finding a new way to entertain us so that life is more colorful. 

Even though they say it's an old classic car, for some people, it's "new information." They might not know about the beautiful Dodge from the 50s, so yes, it will always keep us interested to know.

La Femme was made in 1955. This elegant car was designed specifically for women.

la femme headlight,bumper, and emblem

Dodge la femme's beautiful  interior design

The 1965 Dodge La Femme attracted attention with a pretty pink feminine design, very logical because it was marketed and designed explicitly for women.

la femme image from the past

la femme dodge accesories

At that time, Dodge really paid attention to every little detail for women's needs. 

They complement La Femme with women's accessories such as lipstick holders, pretty pink umbrellas, and elegant pink handbags.

la femme woman accesories lipstick holder and pink carpet

But the decision was inconsistent because Dodge still installed a beautiful pink carpet and colored the interior with lavender paint for the feminine impression of La Femme.

la femme dodge steering wheel and front seat

It was quite sad because the showroom's small cars were getting dusty, and Dodge realized this, so for next year's model, they decided to move on from the cute pink accessory.

model and  la femme dodge

Other items, such as raincoats and umbrellas, remain despite dropping the purse. 

It seems that these items had an effect on the 1956 version because they also didn't work on the market. Most of the cars have been dusty and sad at dealerships, while only around 1,500 have been sold.

pink woman accessories match with la femme dodge

Did you ever know that the original design's purse was made to have a unique holder on the rear of the front seat? And it should form a keystone in the center of the vehicle when the driver puts it in.

pink la femme dodge interior

pink dodge la femme taillighs, rear bumper, antenna

The marketers tried to rethink a gender-based vehicle sales strategy through this little experiment. 

However, eventually, they did not continue to rely on it when purchasing products that were classified as relatively expensive and significant such as cars.
Ryan Daniel
Ryan Daniel Ryan Daniel is a car enthusiast. Since owning his first BMW at a young age, he has loved the automotive world even more.