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Though the southern California based car cover and the allied accessory maker has many feathers in its colorful headgear, the one representing the Silver Guard car cover fabric seems to be the most admired. 
And why not? After all, the material itself is perfect and useful, and it is no wonder that people prefer it more than other brands of covers that are even cheaper than the Silver Guard. Here are some of the principal features of this famous car cover to let you know about it more.


silverguard plus car cover

Since it is crafted from durable polyester/ nylon-based material, this specially manufactured car cover fabric is reliable, durable, and handy. The silvery polyurethane coating applied on the cover is responsible for deflecting the sunrays as they hit the car. And thus, the vehicle is saved from the intense solar heat.

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Ultraviolet rays, accompanying the solar rays, are similarly banned entry into the car by the same silvery coating. That saves the interior of the vehicle where the UV radiation could create havoc, spoiling the upholstery and ruining the carpeting.

Silver Guard also protects the vehicle from precipitation through its micro-perforated layer by letting the moisture trapped under the cover to come in contact with the outside air and get vaporized, leaving the car surface dry and shiny.

These days Americans are going out more than ever before. All the frontiers have been captured.

They are not fearful of the hot Arizona sun or the snowy frontiers of Alaska, and even the dusty mining areas and the acid rains of the industrial regions.

Some go out on camping and fishing vacations, and very often, the automobile needs to be parked out there in the open.

And so there is an urgent need for an all-terrain outdoor automobile cover that offers comprehensive protection, no matter what the condition is. Silver Guard is such a car cover fabric that does it really well.

Autobody Armor Car Covers

Autobody Armor brings dependable vehicles covering solutions within your easy reach.

Autobody Armor is the latest, most innovative, only one of its kind car cover material anywhere in the world.

autobody armor car cover

It is trilaminate of three high tech materials with similar characteristics of uniform stretchability.

Its unique characteristics include the highest water resistance and a very high degree of durability. It is a 3-layered material and features a very advanced PU film. 

Quite merely, Autobody Armor is the best material in the market and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Autobody Armor can provide a high degree of UV blockage with warp-knitted 100% polyester fabrics at the top and the bottom. The material is robust and coupled with its UV resistant microporous PU thin film.

It provides adequate protection from snow/ice and ages of the shield in extreme sun regions like Arizona and different places of the sun-belt, wherever UV rays can swiftly deteriorate the interior and paint.

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Because of the use of polyester knitted fibers, which are intrinsically UV resistant, Autobody Armor has long been the recognized leader in warp knitted fabrics for bimini tops, sail covers, and deck enclosures.

Besides marine uses, it is also used for commercial awnings due to its ability to provide UV blockage with a magic knitted process. The fabric also makes an excellent cover for RV’s and Trailers that spend extended time stored outside.

The fabric has a long-lasting strength, thanks to its polyester fibers that suffer the minimal loss of power from vulnerability to temperature, rain, and UV.

Colors are fast because the pigments are actually built into the fibers (solution-dyed), instead of just dyeing the finished fabric. To top it all, Autobody Armor is sufficiently treated for rot and mildew resistance.

Stretch Satin Car Covers

Finesse, precision, and beauty are the attributes that best describe this captivating creation. The fantastic Stretch Satin car cover is genuinely a beautiful creation and the most unique latest development in the world of indoor automobile covers.

strecth satin car cover

The top car cover suppliers have dedicated considerable time, effort, and resources to create this fascinating indoor car cover.

The Stretch Satin fabric has been made with 100% polyester, which is sheared to a fleece – it is so soft that it feels almost like lingerie. And the fact is that it looks even better on an automobile than hot lingerie looks on a ramp model.

There have been countless attractive car models from various automobile makers, but they have always looked gorgeous when displayed prominently on the parking lot or zooming past the streets.

But while garaged, the automobile, no matter how cool it looks, somehow failed to raise those eyebrows.

But after Stretch Satin, all this has started to change. Now the automobile looks a stunner even when it has been garaged.

Show it off in all its pomp and glory – display this fashionable car cover as your automobile continues to receive the protection it needs.

Stretch Satin car covers are made with a single cloth that is blind stitched, and the seams are thus invisible, making it look even better.

On the other hand, most other auto cover makers use various patches of cloth, and this they do to save on the fabric cost, and there are thus multiple seams too, which almost surely goes off, thus rendering the cover useless.

But Stretch Satin not only looks lovely, but it also offers all the protection your automobile needs in the garage.

Even in the garage, there can be dints and dents, and dust is almost sure to settle down on the body and ruin the look. Do not let this happen – get a Stretch Satin car cover and protect your beautiful possession today.

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Stormproof Car Covers

The name Stormproof says it all. If you search for a rugged, dependable yet flexible car covering solution, consider Stormproof without hesitation. Stormproof is the culmination of decades of research in microfiber technology. 

What makes it truly unique is the fact that Stormproof is totally untreated. In other words, Stormproof is inherently water-resistant, fade-resistant, and very breathable. In fact, test results have shown it to be far superior to coated materials. 

Why? Simple. Since there is no coating to wear off, Stormproof will provide the same protection throughout its life.

stormproof car cover

Stormproof gets all its great qualities through natural fibers and micro fiber-based yarn, and unique loom construction.

The fabric manufacturing process starts with molten material with UV inhibitors being extruded through spinnerets and air-cooled.

The very fine [5-10 micron] Micro Fibers are then heated and drawn (extended up to five times their original length) so that the molecular chains are arranged lengthwise and packed together conventionally, i.e., become crystalline.

This increases strength, decreases stretch, and improves elasticity, producing a filament of the desired denier.

Both the diameter and the cross-section of extruded fibers are varied according to the intended use. Many filaments are formed into a continuous yarn.

When woven into fabrics, the yarns will react in a particular way to the controlled application of heat. After an elaborate heat set treatment, the weave is significantly tightened.

Full or partial heat setting may be done at the mill by passing through heated rollers after weaving, or the fabric may leave the mill without heat setting.

Stormproof may be passed through the heated rollers under high pressure that also imparts a high sheen to the surface and minimizes porosity and stretch.

It takes a lot to be Stormproof. Use it to believe its full power!

Coverbond-4 Car Covers

Take Triguard, the best selling covering material. Add an extra middle melt-blown layer, and you’ve got Coverbond 4.

Coverbond 4 is similar to Tri Guard, the famous car covering material from Coverking except that it has an extra middle melt-blown layer. This gives Coverbond 4 its additional strength and bulk.

The added layer improves water resistance while keeping breathability relatively high.

These are the reasons that make Coverbond 4 an excellent alternative for wheels exposed to the light hailstorm, pets, children, or other such hazards.

coverbond-4 car cover

Coverbond 4 car covers are made from 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric. So, this provides maximum protection in all weather conditions.

Improved performance now includes a more durable outer layer and a softer inner layer. Made with Italian technology, Coverbond 4 is simply an excellent choice for covering material.

The best car cover maker keeps a lost vigil on the quality of the products. Coverbond 4 is no exception to this rule.

Performance is continually measured using various European techniques, such as the Gas Permeability Technique and the Envelope Surface Area Technique.

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Coverbond 4 belongs to the family of non-wovens, which are a sheet, web, or bat of natural and/or man-made fibers or filaments, excluding paper, that have not been converted into yarns,

They are bonded to each other through several means, such as an adhesive through thermal fusing, stitching, etc.

Our lines are highly flexible, enabling us to differentiate our substrates from competitors by meeting our customers’ desires for softness, barrier, and other critical properties.

They pride personally on continuously delivering high quality, developing long term partnerships, outstanding customer service, and exceeding our customer’s expectations in product development for the hygiene custom and universal car covers.

Concerning a worry-free and reliable car covering answer, don’t watch any further than Coverbond 4. Try it now and be amazed!

Triguard Car Covers

Check out the fantastic Triguard car cover fabric that is ideal for use both for the indoor and the outdoors.

They outline their own fabrics and have the world’s top textile mills manage to manufacture. Since they have a unit of engineers to designate specific element composition and construction, they can satisfy the most challenging material test necessities set out by the world’s top carmakers.

They don’t utilize “off-the-shelf” stuff, which is not suitable for car cover requirements.

Every outdoor Custom Car Cover matters are breathable, enabling moisture, which it can’t out beneath the car to escape through the cover.

It anticipating a “greenhouse” state of condensation, which can add risk to rust damage.

triguard car cover

Triguard is a material that is appropriately applied in light to medium climate conditions. It is not recommended for significant harsh weather, sun, rain, snow, or ice. It may not also work as well in areas that have a high level of industrial fallouts such as acid rains.

However, this 3 layered material will effectively withstand light rain, sun, dust, and dirt. It is relatively soft on the body of the automobile and will not end up leaving ugly scratch marks on the paintwork. It is very compact as well, and so you can carry it along if you need to.

Use Triguard in places such as a carport where you might need to keep your automobile parked for a few days. The fabric will shield your car from bird droppings, dust, dings, and rain.

When you return, you will find that the cover has protected the vehicle just perfectly.

The middle layer in Triguard is Melt blown. The inside layer is exceptionally soft on the body of the vehicle, while the outside layer can withstand the elements.

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