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2021 AMG E63 S Wagon Review


The E-class has the most significant facelift in all of its history. We have gone through standard and e53 cars of Mercedes in all versions. But now we must turn our attention to the fastest wagon, the monster itself, the 2021 AMG E63 S wagon.

2021 mercedes e63 s wagon

The E63 S Facelifted and In Its Freshest Form of the Wagon

This car’s preference sets the saloon and supercar benchmark in its segment, especially with the switchable all-wheel-drive system with drift mode, which the BMW m5 then emulated.

2021 mercedes e63 s wagon top view

A kind of standard in classes paired with 612 bhp looks excellent. The booming soundtrack from the V8 bi-turbo paired with technology from the e-class makes it pretty much a daily AMG choice in all ranks. It’s the same as a super hyper saloon in the whole world. But the car did come at a strange time in terms of design in terms of AMG cars.

2021 mercedes e63 s engine

The car had twin grille bars, and it was fine at the time. But not more than six months later, cars like GLC63 inherited the AMG Panamericana grille from GTR. 3-4 years of this car’s life, he looked for the last generation who shared his face with C43, A35. Therefore, for that brutal vehicle, it didn’t seem right. But that is not the case. It has an entirely new face, and you will want to jump right into it because it looks awe-inspiring.

2021 AMG E63 S Wagon: Massive AMG Grille On The Front

First of all, let’s turn your attention to the front face of the grill itself. You have a large AMG unique grille on the front when we alert you to 53 reviews. The full-on version will have a more prominent grille and absolutely no border 53. It’s a large grille in the AMG GT style, but it’s not just a grille. If you remember from the previous E63, the entire front end of this car is unique to the E63 compared to all other e-class models.

So you have a unique front wing, which is more extensive than a standard vehicle. You have a front hood with a wholly unique power dome and shape on the E63. The low air intake is enormous. Maybe you find this type of version too exaggerated of what you see in the new A45S, which is a compliment in every way that they might look perfect.

You have an exciting feature where the air intake stroke is usually black plastic, but it is body-colored in this car, and this gives a few exciting design highlights.

You also have an aerodynamic feature at the top, and when you see it upfront, it gives you the look of the AMG GT4 door, and again, that’s a big compliment. It looks significant now. But like we said with other cars, it seems a bit fat.

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To us, it almost looks like the size of a c-class wagon because the front is very much shark-like. It’s shallow and very flat. It just looks fierce, and no less than something like the Audi RS6.  Of course, we have talked about the new lights many times in other reviews. You can see a graphic with a typical Mercedes eyebrow and inside two lights that show e-class, and three mean s-class, and one might mean c-class at some point.

New Rear Diffuser and Redesigned Pipes

There aren’t too many changes to the wagon at the car’s rear in terms of lights. You have the same shape but with a block-like design in it.

2021 mercedes e63 s wagon taillights and emblem

However, if you see the sedan version of the e63s’ massive changes again, heading back to the W212 e63, you feel the thicker headlights look very impressive to your eyes.

2021 mercedes e63 s wagon exhaust

What else happened to the reel? You have a completely new rear diffuser. But what interests you is the wholly redesigned fat pipes. This AMG pipe design looks contoured and brutal in its appearance.

As you will see later, car startups serve the idea that the pipes are also visible. So once again, the overall impression is much more modern now regarding AMG DNA. It seems terrific. We can not think of this wagon that looks brutal. Maybe RS6 is also very excellent. Now, this has a chance against the AMG GT4 door, and this seems so brilliant.

Of course, you pay attention to paint options like Mercedes e53, which is a new option available on e63 s. Once again, taken from GT63, Magna’s brilliant blue looks fantastic in this car. In non-s, e63 gets a new option, like in the AMG 53’s dynamics package. What gives you is a red caliper with top-level brakes from the model. You also get racing mode, drift mode, a complete dynamic steering wheel, and even the AMG steering button. Worth upgrading if you want to get a non-s model.

Without EQ Boost But Higher Capabilities

Technically, many of us expect hybrid elements. That doesn’t happen in this case. It has precisely the same 612 bhp power in this car without the eq-boost you see in GLE 63 s. AMG’s reason is that they want the nine-speed speed shift to stay in this rather than the torque converter that GLE has as a unique selling point for e-class, slightly sporty characters. It also helps keep the GT63 a level higher than it should be in range, but something has changed, and that is the breadth of this car’s capabilities.

The car before was a great daily, hard enough to drive, right? So what does AMG do instead of making the vehicle less sporty? They have increased the comfort of this car, thus increasing the breadth of its capabilities. That’s partly thanks to AMG dynamics and specific changes in dynamic engine mounts and suspension software to provide a much more comfortable ride in comfort mode. However, keeping the car’s dynamics high in sports and racing doesn’t mean making it less than pre-facelift.

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So the e63 now looks brutal, its capabilities are much higher, and when you look inside, you will discover far more technology than the e-class has ever had before.

2021 AMG E63 S Wagon Premium Interior With  MBUX System

In the new e63, as you can see in the e-class facelift and e53, basically almost similar to what happened here. You get a new supersport steering wheel as designated by AMG. But there are certain things that you like. First of all, it is small in diameter, even though it looks like that. A beautiful C-shaped aluminum paddle behind it has a very premium feel and stunning range.

2021 mercedes e63 s wagon interior, steering wheels, dashboard, screen display, features

Of course, you have a new AMG steering wheel button, as you’ve seen in the past, but with a completely new graphic that looks good when you start playing with it. You can choose the options on the left and then activate or deactivate them, and you also have the drive mode on the right side. In the middle, you have the unique AMG aluminum section of the steering wheel.

The middle section has the most significant Mercedes style you have ever had in previous wheels. Everything feels great, so that’s the driver zone element in terms of steering, as you saw before. In terms of the rest of the e63s, it’s almost the same as before. 

But one big difference, even though this car is behind the A-class, is UI and UX. Now you have MBUX in this case, which means you have a touch screen. You have a responsive vocal assistant, and she is brilliant, as you can see in all our reviews. Of course, you have a new touchpad. You also get a touch on the steering wheel, so many ways to interact with the car itself, much more in terms of Carplay, Android auto, media, and applications available. You get an AMG track pace at the highest level in this car; this is the best UI you’ve ever seen in a vehicle. It is the best Mercedes has ever done in any event. If the e63 truly appreciates the interior, it’s all about driving a car and seeing how you proceed with the new dynamic steering wheel and display by AMG.


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