Meet VW I.D. Crozz: Combination of Electric Cars and Crossover SUVs

At present, two trends are essential in the automotive industry. They are SUVs and electric cars. Volkswagen has shown us how they want to merge it as VW I.D. Crozz. Just tell you if the ID outlines a figure of concept cars that also hints at the Volkswagen digital ecosystem.

At the same time, Crozz considers that this should be a crossover or SUV, a formidable electric Tiguan in the prospect, so this is no joke because VW intends to invest six billion euros electromobility for the next five years. How sensible is the progress, and what can we anticipate from their ideas?




VW ID. Crozz is a flat band of light that connects two slim headlights, and the VW logo is also lit. Both are currently being challenged in terms of regulations, so they don’t meet the qualifications.

However, the VW design team was very interested, so VW negotiated with the authorities on this matter. The tall and fat front gives the vehicle the SUV character directly, and the lower frame allows a good slope.


On the side profile, designers draw curved lines to create a more sensual impression. Side mirrors aren’t available at all, and the camera takes over the rear scene. All forms of flow are optimized, notwithstanding the SUV’s character. The rear seems futuristic, nostalgic of American road travelers like the 50s and 60s.


A battery installation allows you to enter a low center of gravity with proper mass distribution in front/back to guarantee sporty driving behavior. Volkswagen expects I.D. Crozz will have a performance like GTI Golf.


The expression of this concept car is not far from reality. Possibly the rear isn’t down steep enough, and indeed the concept car design is sometimes a bit flatter. But overall, you can get ready for this style because visually, I.D. Crozz isn’t merely electric Tiguan.



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The front door opened, as usual, but at a large angle. With a 90 degree entry, it is effortless to enter, as far as a parking lot allows this.

You can open the door with a contact surface outside the door or with voice control. So you can enter effortlessly behind.

The electrical design also ensures that you don’t have a central tunnel, so you can, e.g., also push the small bicycle upright in front of the rear seat towards the ride.


You will feel very comfortable in the lounge atmosphere. It’s like you have fewer cars, but the more living room where huge Scandinavian-inspired furniture designs contribute.

The gray fabric inside and synthetic leather on the dashboard feels on the underside of the door. Besides, the fabric mixture and microfiber material in the seat are nice, smooth, and luxurious. An excellent idea for optics and pleasure without using animal skins; this is a good case.

There is sufficient space inside for four large adults, which is guaranteed by electrical architecture. Adapted to the Chinese market, Volkswagen wants to introduce a new air pollution control sensor in this electric SUV to ensure clean air in the interior.


The electric motor must generate higher than 300 hp here, the top speed is 180 km / h, and the NEDC range is 500 km. Realistically, it’s around 350 km. It is crucial for Volkswagen that this electric crossover remains affordable. Rumor says that entry-level rates for the basic version can remain below EUR 40,000, which will indeed be a breakthrough.

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With a fast-charging system, the battery must be recharged up to 80% in 30 minutes.

Driving behavior

In addition to the possibility of self-driving, VW’s electric SUV must also be able to drive separately with the note if the law permits it so far.

As an authentic SUV, Volkswagen I.D. Crozz is also an all-wheel-drive but without a mechanical link within the front and rear axles. Electric motors push the wheels at the front and rear, and the distribution is electrically adjusted. Pure rear-wheel variants will also be available.


Length: 4.62 m
Wheelbase: 2.77 m


In 2020 Volkswagen wanted both new electric golf comes in the form of a VW ID and ID “rough” SUV. There is still enough time until then, so it’s more than realistic, I.D. Crozz can fulfill their promises.

VW is very late with development, but 2020 will probably be the year where electric mobility will reach the mass market at the latest, and then VW has the right vehicle, which is ready to serve two megatrends at that time.

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