New 2020 Porsche Macan GTS 2.9 Liter V6 Biturbo

Macan and Porsche are like Golf and Volkswagen. As the most successful model to date. With the 2020 Porsche Macan GTS, they are now launching their fourth variant on the market, if you don’t know.
Although it’s not as good as Turbo, the good news is that it’s around 14,000 euros cheaper. Porsche seems to plan to have many derivatives of a single model.
We don’t think any other manufacturer has had the same strategy for years like this. Just imagine, Cayenne has ten while Panamera 21; this is amazing. What about Macan? Until now, it only had 3. However, the new GTS joined the gap between Turbo 440 hp and S 354 hp.
Red Porsche Macan GTS 2020

You can say, “three models, one machine.” All of them use the 2.9 liter V6 Biturbo which is famously reliable. Now, what about the new GTS power? The engine can produce 380 hp. 

Thus the Macan can run from 0-100 in 4.7 seconds.

Is it much slower than Turbo? Alright, that’s only 0.4 seconds slower. Apart from that, there aren’t many flaws you will find. Even at its maximum speed, the GTS can reach 261 km / h, while Turbo 270. With this comparison, can you justify the difference in the price of nearly 14,000 euros between the Macan and Turbo?

In terms of driving, GTS is comfort and pleasure. 

The chassis is 15 mm lower than the base model. Meanwhile, the steel suspension comes with a completely revised and more robust damping system. The stabilizer has also been reset for better improvement.

Porsche Macan combines power and speed with powerful torque of 520 Nm, which is available between 1,750 and 5,000 Rpm. Macan can maneuver precisely and smoothly through curves. You won’t feel like sitting in a 2-ton truck.

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You will even feel a sharper sensation if you pamper yourself with an air suspension, which lowers the GTS by 10 mm. The Macan GTS uses a standard sports exhaust system. 

When you drive calmly, you will hear a slight rumble, but it will be entertaining when you give more accelerators.

Body Design

The GTS has a sharp display design with a striking 20-inch RS Spyder wheel. The wheels are black, and so is the color motto that goes on. 

I wonder what was in the Porsche Macan GTS designers’ minds when they were working on it. The black color dominates the rim, struts on the front grille, muffler, and the side with the letters GTS. Not only that, but even the LED lights are also dark.

Macan GTS Interior

The black motto continues in the interior. Inside, a lot of Alcantara is black – aluminum, looks very cool, of course in black. 

The interior has been like this since the Macan facelift. In the middle, there is a 10.9-inch touch screen. The operation is relatively smooth after you get used to it.
Porsche Macan GTS interior

You will find many buttons and switches on both sides of the center console, but they are no longer up to date, and therefore you will get used. 

Many people assume that Porsche will stop the production of this fleet in the next Macan version. The main reason is that it must be purely electric.

Macan also experienced a good improvement in digital parts. You can call various vehicle functions through the Porsche Car Connect application quickly. 

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Don’t worry about car theft because the Macan will only make the car thief sit and pay attention to this car. The reason is, you can track the Macan anytime on your mobile. I think this is a valuable feature, even for older adults.

With various considerations, we can get conclusions about GTS. So, if you don’t need a Macan Turbo for status reasons, the Porsche Macan GTS is the right choice at a lower price. 

Once again, Porsche is always trying to provide the best in driving dynamics and fantastic design.

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