New Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020: Sporty and Attractive Interior

2020 Nissan Maxima Platinum is the top trim of Nissan’s 4-door car. History began in 1981, and we are now in the 8th generation of the Nissan Maxima. Over the years, there have been many changes. Nissan started to be very sporty with the performance and attractive drive coming from behind this car’s wheel. That is why Nissan called it their four-door sports car. In the seventh generation, Nissan still says that driving involvement still exists.


One thing that might impress you is when you get to the interior. The platinum trim shows some fit and finish that you will find inside, and this will genuinely be an overall top-class experience.

This particular sporty car is a full-size four-door luxury sedan against competitors such as the Toyota Avalon. But this car is not really the main competitor for Camry or Accord. However, many people like to associate it with this car even though 300 hp under the hood.

So, Nissan says this four-door sports car is wrapped in 7 generations of style.

The 8th Generation: Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020 Exterior


At the front, you will see some changes in year style from 2019. They redesign all the lights, and you will have LED lights, LED daytime running lights, and turn signals.


The lamp housing is beautiful because it is well integrated into the front fenders.
You can see how far it is integrated into the fenders on the hood and front fascia. Also, the headlight housing has a very tasteful black trim, which allows it to blend very well with this car’s overall color.


There are several black glosses in the lower area, LED fog lamps, and functional LED fog lights. The front fascia has been completely remodeled since last year. Also, there is a Nissan badge and vMotion grille as part of their distinctive brand identity you can find in any dealership in the world.

Underneath, there is a little black gloss. They carry the chrome trim along the bottom of the front fascia and combine it with the vMotion grill, and body-color works perfectly.


The hood has body lines with smart designs. The line starts from the front fascia to the hood and goes straight to a pillar. From behind the wheel, you can really see the raised area of the hood clearly.


Around the bend, you have 19-inch gray metallic wheels, mainly for the Platinum trim. The rim is good metal and really works well with the color of this car. Overall, 245 in width and 40 series sidewalls make it look very sporty.

With a lower sidewall, you will get better handling. You will see a unique body line starting at the fender, the beltline descending, and towards the rear area.


There are a little chrome and black on the A-pillar on the roof, and you get a nice and big type of panoramic sunroof that combines everything. Color match mirror caps with single turn chrome on your door handle look good. Also, the big lines along the bottom of the car give many personalities, so it’s not like a flat slab on the road.

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In the rear roof design, you will see a two-tone arrangement. Like the floating roof design and Nissan takes along the chrome trim all the way to the back pillar.


At the rear, Nissan has updated nicely the taillights that came on the plate last year. You have an LED brake light, Maxima badge, a little chrome, and an updated quad exhaust.


You will like how they integrate it, such as decorative trim rings with functional exhaust behind them. Maybe you don’t like the bottom part shaped like a grater and looks better if it’s removed.



Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020: Engine

Under the hood, you have hydraulic hood struts. The engine cover is not very impressive, but indeed, you’ve seen worse. You have a 3.5 L V6 engine, 300 hp, and 261 lb-ft of torque.

A slight drawback might be the CVT transmission. You want the 2020 Nissan Platinum to have 400 hp with real trans like a 7-speed automatic, maybe DCT and AWD.


With a weight of around 3,552 pounds and an FWD drivetrain, this car accelerates quite fast, 0-60 in 5.7 s. The MPG highway is 30, and the city is 20.

If you compare it to the Honda Accord, you have good linear torque delivery that provides an exceptional driving experience when you have naturally aspirated power. That’s the greatness of the Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020.

Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020: Interior

Front interior

The door panels have soft material touch on top, the stitches look really good, and there is a little black gloss. You will also like the treatment of dark gray and good design.

The leather armrest is very lovely and soft. There is also a small leather pocket for storing items, and the door panel also has an optional Bose sound system.

The dashboard has a soft touch with gunmetal gray. In the lower part, there is a unique diamond texture giving it something extra special.

The infotainment system tilts slightly toward the driver with an 8-inch screen. Also, you have navigation, Apple Carplay, and Android auto.

The menu is easy to navigate through the touch screen, and you also have a camera in front, you have 360, and you have a really great trajectory. You also get dual climate control and a start/stop button in a comfortable and easy-to-reach place. Also, you do have a CD player.

You have a USB-C and an aux jack, and two cupholders. But unfortunately, you don’t get wireless charging.

However, the key fob model looks very outdated though small and easy to put in the pocket. You also have ventilated and heated seats. Also, you will easily understand the CVT transmission control and direct drive control knob to go through different settings on the infotainment display.

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The armrest has good material. You have felt lining underneath and a 12-volt.

The bad news is that there is no wireless charger for this $ 42,000 car. The good news is that the seats have a material that is so soft with harmonious colors with the diamond-stitched motif, and on the top, you have a nice panoramic sunroof.

But the auto-dimming mirror is not frameless, and the design is big and older.

Behind The Wheel


You have two memory settings on the door that are easily accessible and have a nice touch. You will love the silver sill where Maxima is written. You have electric control seats and bolstering, which is quite very comfortable.



The steering wheel will be your favorite part of the car, and it looks like it was taken straight from the flat bottom of the GTR.
The brown color with black leather looks classy, and the buttons on the steering wheel are OK. Although a little outdated but quite easy to use.

Remember, you don’t have paddle shifts, so you have to do it if you want to shift manually. You have a speedometer and analog technology.

Of course, you can switch through different information on the middle screen. Overall you get the best settings. Nissan really shows that they think of touches of detail in the interior. Like where they will put it for the satisfaction of their customers.


The good news is the Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020 becomes a full-size vehicle. You can get in and out easily. Even if you are 6 feet tall, you still have plenty of headroom.


You have a large pocket behind the front seats, and there are two rear AC vents with silver USB-C trim and heated back seats. The armrest is very comfortable, and you also have good cupholders.

Cargo Space

The trunk doesn’t have electric assists, so you have to press and lift it even though it’s a bit tight. The good news is that you can also fold 60/40 backseats to get deeper cargo space. However, the opening isn’t vast. It seems you can’t put things as wide as an 80-inch TV, so you have to tie it to the roof because it doesn’t fit in the trunk.


2020 Nissan Maxima platinum trim provides comfort with highly supportive seats.

Platinum Trim really brings out the level of suitability and taste, such as extra nice touches on the dashboard or stitches on the steering wheel, where two pieces of leather are stitched together.

The armrest is nice and soft, and the visibility out of the back window is obvious. From behind the wheel, you can see the car’s hood where the center is slightly raised. Besides, you see two fender angles, this car also feels not too big, and you will easily navigate it.

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Besides comfort behind the wheel, you can also easily get an excellent electric tilt, telescoping steering wheel, and all-electric controls for the seat. In the future, maybe you want it if Maxima has an AWD 7-speed DCT and 400 hp.

Brakes feel good, and for a full-size car, 0-60 in 5.7 seconds is fast enough. Nissan delivers super-smooth power delivery and comfortable feeling, very smooth for good steering.

In sport mode, the wheel will adjust parameters about how the engine behaves, and maybe you expect to have a little more engine noise coming into the cabin. You will get some front-end pushes because it is an FWD car.

Nissan Maxima Platinum Specs and Price


Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020 Specs
Type 3.5-liter V6
Induction Atmospheric
Power 300 hp @ 6400 rpm
Fuel system Sequential MPI
Torque 261 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm
Displacement 3.5L/213
Steering Rack pinion
Drivetrain Front-wheel drive
Transmission CVT
Fuel and Emissions
Type Premium
MPG highway 30
MPG city 20
MPG Combined 24
Tank capacity (gal) 18.0
CO2 233 g/km
Front Strut
Rear Multilink
Front Disc ABS
Rear Disc ABS
Braking distance 47 m
Front P245/40WR19
Rear P245/40WR19
Front-wheel size (in) 19 x 8.5
Rear-wheel size (in) 19 x 8.5
Body, Capacity, and Weight
Type Sedan
Seater 5
Curb Weight 3,676 lbs
Cargo space 14.3 ft³
Towing capacity Not recommended
Exterior Specifications
Wheelbase (in) 109.3
Length, Overall (in) 192.8
Width, Max (in) 73.2
Height, Overall (in) 56.5
Ground clearance (in) 5.3
Color Option
Brilliant Silver Metallic
Carnelian Red Tintcoat
Deep Blue Pearl
Gun Metallic
Pearl White Tricoat
Sunset Drift Chromaflair
Super Black
Basic 36 months/36,000 miles
Corrosion 60 months/unlimited
Drivetrain 60 months/60,000 miles
Roadside Assistance 36 months/36,000 miles
Restraint System
The MSRP of Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020 is $ 41,540.


With a price of around $ 42,000, if you can make a deal and get it under $ 40,000, of course, you get a lot of car for the money. With Nissan Maxima Platinum 2020, you get the comfort of driving, especially with all the touches you get. Starting from the electric tilt, panoramic sunroof, power seats, telescopic, good leather material in all places.

The only biggest drawback is there is no wireless charging at this price point.

Overall, handling isn’t too bad even though it’s not perfect because we know that no car is 100% perfect.

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