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2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 is Prestigious and Luxurious


The very prestigious 2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 developed a lot over the years. It was bought out in the 1960s by Daimler and used as an ultimate luxury brand for their automobiles.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 luxurious SUV

But we will recognize more modern-day cars like the Maybach 57 and 62, very much s-class looking, extensive luxury limousines.

2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 blue

But the reshuffle has done at Daimler backing around about 2013. Their subsidiaries were all renamed. For instance, you had Mercedes Benz as it has always been. But then AMG was renamed to Mercedes AMG, and Maybach was renamed to Mercedes Maybach. Maybe you didn’t realize it as much later, but this was a clear signal of where Mercedes planned to take this brand.

What’s New From 2020 Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS 600

Now, look at AMG when it was renamed to Mercedes AMG. We had a clear perception that this was a Mercedes still though with AMG DNA. So the autos have their design language individual to AMG’s. Their technological achievements with concerns to driving performance as a focus and, of course, client expectations are notable as well, and AMG buyers have their expectations.


Now when you look at the Maybach, reasonably, this is what is currently appearing now. Mercedes Maybach now has its DNA, which is very clear. You have a focus on ultimate luxury, and you have technological improvements that focus on convenience, particularly for the passengers, then you have consumer expectations in that concern.

Front exterior

So if you look at the most recent Mercedes Maybach, you have to go to the s-class, and this is possibly a little bit complicated if you are trying to explain how the brand has grown because you have the 57 and 62 in the past.

Then you had cars, for illustration, like the vast Maybach g-class Lodi Lake, again more of a one-off. But today’s car, the one you’re looking at, presents you a definite hint of where Maybach is going with the brand.

This car has taken a base Mercedes GLS but implemented stable Maybach DNA in a particular area. So now you have to break down what those areas are. Anyone who’s seen anything to do with Maybach in current times will realize that face. How can you not? This is signature, Maybach.

You’ve seen it, for example, in the same place where you shot the vision six Kupe and its very impressive sibling, the Vision six Cabriolet. But more than both of those cars were the Vision Ultimate Luxury, which was, of course, as you thought back then, based on a GLS type car. You can see how that car joined in terms of design, and the most important thing is at the front grille.

You’ll see the grille translated throughout the car as something very specifically Maybach. You have Maybach written in the specific Maybach typography. You’ve also got the return of the star on the hood.

It’s never been done on a Mercedes SUV before but clearly shows this car as a Maybach. The other thing you’ll notice is about how the s-class of SUVs focused on the lights. It’s so essential at Mercedes-Benz because they give the car the character regardless of whether there is a light to see the vehicle or not. Whatever’s coming up behind, you should know what Mercedes is by looking at the lights, and the GLS tells you that it is of the s-class family, and the same is true of Maybach GLS.

You will see a heavy focus on making sure that in every single area of this car in terms of design, you’ve got the underside of this area all body-colored, which you don’t have in any trim in the standard GLS. You’ve got extensive use of high-quality chrome again, emphasizing this idea of Maybach luxury that you saw throughout those super concept cars, and that will translate further than inside.

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2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 green rims

You’ve got the Maybach specific wheels in 23 inches, but there is also a 22-inch version. You’ve got Maybach has written within the center locking nut for the first time, which looks very cool. Even on the alloys, you saw the same pattern on the grille translating throughout the multi spokes. All of the arches body-colored, as you would expect from a luxury car. Also, there’s so much more luxury in its application. You’ve got body color but with the chrome trim within it. You have to see the chrome trim to appreciate it. It’s not quite what you would see on standard cars, and to call it chrome is a disservice.

When you open the door, there’s no way you thought that existed, and it’s such an innovative way of doing the sidestep.  The shape of the rubber used on the sidestep is relaxed, so it is not only the entire sidestep.

You will have seen that the b-pillar always has again a chrome metallic finish, which you’ve got Maybach GLS 600. You’ve got a 130% larger badge for the final pillar on the rear of the car, as you’ve seen on every single Maybach.


You will notice differences on the rear bumper again a chrome trim around where the reflectors are specific to the Maybach. More interestingly for you is the typography, which is specific to Maybach on the car model name.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 rear exterior

The most refreshing bit of the rear is the new exhausts. If you have a look at a close-up, you’ll see that there is a slot in-between, and you’ve never visited this application of design on exhaust on any Mercedes AMG or otherwise car, so this is specific to Maybach. Maybe you’ll see such an application in future vehicles.

It’s hard to ignore the paint on the Mercedes GLS Maybach 2020. A two-tone arrangement with a very specific pinstripe that goes down the side of the car makes you think of the classic Maybach paint schemes as something kind of luxury.

2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 dual-tone obsidian black and ruby red

The obsidian black and ruby red layout is fantastic.

Mercedes GLS 600 Tech

The design is one side and, technology is the other side of the equation; it’s essential to focus on comfort. Maybach 600 has 48 volts, so it’s immediately got the e-active suspension, which is the best one available for GLS.

You also have an EQ boost because of 48 volts. GLS 600 has a different power output, produces 550 horsepower, and has 730 Newton meters of torque. With the EQ boost, you also get an additional 21 HP, which will help drive comfort for that indiscernible switch between the EQ boost and the petrol engine itself.

Maybach GLS 600 Interior and Features

What’s GLS Maybach offers compared to the standard car? Well, this is quite different inside. The first impression that you get is that it covers everything with leather.

Every single pillar of the vehicle, the headlining, every element you could conceive is covered in high-quality Nappa leather.

What is unique to this car? First of all, as a driver, you notice the pedals are gorgeous, and they set themselves apart from anything you would have seen in a Mercedes-Benz or an AMG. You have the standard stuff like the door sills as you enter, the Maybach logo on the front, and a lovely highlight that you’ll like.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 2020 interior

You have a leather hand rest, and you’ve got a beautiful wood with the Maybach logo inset inside it, which matches the rest of the wood in the car, looks premium.

The other great thing for the driver, at least, is having a Maybach-specific digital screen, which is finished in blue and rose gold, just like all the concepts that Gordon Wagner has created with Maybach recently. It’s nice to see a unique digital representation of the Maybach.

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All you can get is specialized wood, and there’s no room for aluminum or carbon fiber because they are not suitable for Maybach. You’ve got the brown burgundy ash wood trim with small lines going through it looking quite lovely.

You’ve got a bright white interior, almost like a concept car. The steering wheel, the stitching, even the seats are entirely different, with the highlights coming through the middle make these look completely different from the standard GLS. The fins on the Maybach are chrome, as you would expect to be in this car.

Go through the driving options. You’ve got individuals for comfort. But what’s beautiful in this car is you have a Maybach option, which is unique concerning engine and suspension. What that’s going to do is to make things more comfortable for those rear occupants. So it’ll get rid of auto start-stop, the way that engine and suspension behaves will all be geared toward ultimate comfort as a priority, and that’s interesting. Who never had that before in the Mercedes-Benz.

The Maybach driving mode is new, and you’ve still got off-roading, which is excellent. The seats have been shifted somewhat backward. You have one of two options, you’ve got a full seat option with a fixed center console as you have in s-class, or you can have the five-seater model. Regardless of what you take, you still get the touchscreen, which helps you command MB UX from sitting in the back of the car. You will also see the most recent version of the rear entertainment system on an 11 inch screen that can be used as a touchscreen for the first time with MB UX.

The most exciting part of the rear design is how the rear seats are almost cocoons. 
The way that the light goes around the seats is virtually like airline seats. Also, you have the feature of the large pane of wood. That comes down like a waterfall in the words of the designer.

You have the beautiful piano black wood trim with the lines in it that’s unique to Maybach. Besides, you have the fridge as you would expect. The seats are comfortable. You get extra pillows because it’s a Maybach. You get the softer pillow for the headrest, you can control if you’re in the seat, and you can push the other passenger seat forward in front of you to get as much legroom as possible.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 backseats

When the seats are pushed back, you can move them using controls from where they used to be. You also get excellent options like champagne glasses. Maybe you’ll be disappointed to find out that they didn’t go ahead with the tea set they showed in the ultimate luxury concept, which was quite refreshing.

You have a wireless charging pad in a slightly odd position. But this is an option, so you don’t need to get it if you don’t like it. The use of ambient lighting is extensive, and it’s crucial in a Maybach. You’ve got the Burmeister speakers as standard with the lights around them.

You’ve got lights right around the panoramic roof, and this is a specific thing for GLS when they think about how to increase the ambiance. The ambient lighting, unique feature, and more wood trim on the rear seats with the Maybach logo in the middle are excellent.


Cargo space

Of course, you lose space because of the refrigerator, and if you don’t get it, you get more space than you get at the Maybach S-class, more than 500 liters in this car.


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