Mazda 6 Door Lock Actuator Spring

Do you experience a big issue with the Mazda 6 door because of the lock actuator spring not functioning? This problem can cause door lock cracking, and before fixing it, you want to know the location of the lock actuator on the car door.

Mazda 6 door actuator

You need to open this actuator. The way is not difficult, because you only need a screwdriver and unscrew easily.

After that, you must know about the position where is the location of the spring actuator. For more details, please see the picture below.

Mazda 6 door lock actuator spring position


When you observe a broken spring actuator, you need to replace it. Many suppliers sell it at a low price.

To make it easier, you also need a repair kit that is usually sold with the springs. Make sure the material is made of 100 percent stainless steel because you need long durability.

Damage to the actuator spring can happen due to bounces up and down when the Mazda 6 door is locked. 


The process occurs repeatedly, and as a result, you can’t lock the car door, and you have a risk to your car’s security. Besides, lousy spring material will corrode quickly and will break easily.


Mazda 6 door lock actuator spring

Before buying a Mazda 6 door lock actuator, make sure you have seen the picture and read the specifications or testimonials from other buyers. 

Choose spring made from quality materials, no problem with a little higher price, but you will get a long service life.

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