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2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR: Is the Sports Car Behind the Mask?


Do you want to have an SUV with a sports car flavor? Then you should choose the 2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR with a five-liter V8 engine, and dual compressor, able to generates 550 @6500 and 502 lb-ft @2500 of torque.

2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR black for sale-in-lease
2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR black for sale

No doubt, you will get performance at the level of a sports car.

As we know, every vehicle that comes from the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) labeled SVR is a type of car with improved performance, more challenging, and sporty. The good news is that the SVR label has been officially attached to the Jaguar F-Pace.

Then what about the actual performance on the road? Please read more about the Jaguar F-Pace SVR quick review.

Jaguar F-Pace Review

When driving the Jaguar F-Pace SVR, you will immediately feel the natural British appeal. Not surprisingly, the F-Pace SVR managed to put its performance on the road with exceptional calm.

Red Jaguar F Pace SVR new

Jaguar engineers from SVO or Special Vehicle Operations do their job well because the undercarriage can easily handle the excellent drive power.

Engine Performance and Technology

JLR didn’t play around because its SVO division designed a high jump for the SVR F-Pace engine’s performance by 44 percent. The supercharged 8.0-liter V8 engine from the F-Type SVR stores 550 hp of power and 502 lb-ft of torque, where everything will be channeled via an 8-speed automatic transmission. The result is excellent acceleration, speed from 0-100 km / h in just 4.3 seconds.

With fast acceleration, the F-Pace SVR can reach a peak speed of 283 km/hour. Of course, to run that fast, they changed the Jaguar F-Pace SVR body to improve aerodynamics. One of the changes is ventilation on each fender to reduce the air pressure and improve the cooling system. Thus the stability of the car becomes more optimal.

2020-Jaguar F-Pace-SVR-engine-v8
Under the hood 2020 Jaguar F Pace-SVR is the V8 engine.

But what’s even more impressive is that Jaguar isn’t just fast ahead. Despite its size and weight, F-Pace is surprisingly light, even on winding roads. It seems like what this SUV can do is always impressive.

F-Pace SVR has a lot of the latest technology for various conditions, this car being the first to implement Jaguar’s EAD or Rear Electronic Active Differential.

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EAD functions even more optimally with the All-Wheel Drive Torque on-demand system and the latest Intelligent Driveline Dynamic (IDD) control technology.

Meanwhile, SVR specifically obtained software to manage Electronic Power Assisted Steering or EPAS, Adaptive Dynamic Suspension, and a Dynamic Driving Mode.

By activating the Dynamic driving mode, the gearshift will be smoother and faster, the gas pedal input is more responsive, and the steering control is sharper in all conditions.

After the changeover to the Euro 6d-Temp emissions standard, the F-Pace 30t AWD with a 2.0-liter turbo petrol powerhouse has been the highest type in the series. It also separated 250 HP from the new one. Like the lower variants, the F-Pace SVR is exclusively available with an 8-speed automatic. It comes from ZF and also changes gears very quietly in dynamic mode.

The disturbing dial to perform the automatic transmission, which Jaguar relied on for some years, has gone. Now, the brand-new Jaguar F-Pace SVR comes with a classic lever. Unmistakably Jaguar welcomes client input. The auto trans has a manual shift mode.

In this case, the transmission further accepts a request to shift gears through two rockers behind the steering wheel.

Body Design

Jaguar F-Pace SVR front grille

Also, the SVR aerodynamic package gives a more muscular body kit look with broader air intakes on the front fascia. The uniqueness can also be seen on the side skirts and rear bumper.

All for the sake of maximizing airflow, such as the diffuser-style accent at the bottom of the rear bumper.

The F-Pace is a harmonious and pretty vehicle as a competitive athlete. After all, the SUV is 4.73 meters long and almost 1.94 wide.

2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR white

The designers managed to hide the size of the F-Pace SVR through its shape. It was clear when comparing the British concept with its competitors like Alfa Romeo Stelvio, who looked awkward and fat.

Also, the F-Pace SVR has a Variable Valve Active Exhaust System to form a charismatic sound. Besides being 6.6 kg lighter than the standard F-Pace exhaust, this system is also another factor behind the improved performance when activated because the exhaust gas flow increases.

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Black 2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR exhaust


Interior and Features

A complete infotainment system makes Jaguar more expensive, even in the top models of this series. Some driver assistance systems are standard in other brands, and there are also additional costs.

2020 Jaguar F-Pace-SVR interior

The package comes with a high-speed emergency brake assistant, blind spot assistant, and adaptive speed control (ACC), and the steering assistant is on the Jaguar price list at $3,536.


From the side, you will see 21-inch alloy wheels (22 inches as an option). This car has a 30% stiffer suspension in the front and 10% in the rear with anti-roll bars that reduce body roll by 5% for driving comfort. For safety driving, this car has large diameter brake discs with two-piece construction. However, its weight is lighter, so it does not reduce the F-Pace SVR’s agility when maneuvering.

Blue Jaguar F-Pace SVR with nice black rims

The F-Pace SVR stands on 265/45 R21 tires on the front axle. The developers decided to use tires that are slightly wider in the 295/40 R21 profile on the rear axle.

2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR rim and brake

The combination of the tires is part of the chassis modification to tame the engine power. However, the V8 with a double compressor has left the V6 from the F-Pace S, which is no longer available with 170 hp power.


The list of British carmakers’ costs is a surprise because the F-Pace SVR starts at $80,600 with seven color choices. However, if you want your SVR is one of the 18 special SVO paints offered, you can pay extra up to $8,808.

SVO British racing green paint on 2020-Jaguar-F-Pace-SVR

Not only that, for the new varnish “Satin Matte Finish,” you must pay $3,670 extra.

Maybe you will be focused on the black rims. But if you want to drive 22-inch rims on your Jaguar F-Pace SVR, you have to spend an extra $2,022 from your pocket. Without premium rims, you will only get 21-inch rims.


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