Ferrari SF90 Stradale Hybrid V8 Mid-Engine

Great, this supercar is the first hybrid strongest Ferrari SF90 V8 mid-engine with an excellent performance figure that surpasses the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar with a leap of interior technology and advanced features. 
You can order the Ferrari SF90 Stradale hybrid easier because it is a mass production and not a special edition. The maintenance of engine components is more complicated because of the PHEV system and requires adaptation to maximize the variety of the latest technological features.
New Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Along with the 90th anniversary of the Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari created a great car that became an automotive benchmark today.  This vehicle has reliable performance with innovative plug-in hybrid technology (PHEV) and ranks first in Ferrari’s alignment. The pioneer in this name is the Ferrari SF90 Stradale hybrid.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari’s success is inseparable from its motorsports division, the Scuderia Ferrari, which became the forerunner of Ferrari’s existence in the world of cars for 90 years. Armed with high enthusiasm in the world of motorsport, the founders of Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari Scuderia (and the Ferrari brand) succeeded in building a foothold globally in motorsports through innovation in all racing car vehicles, poured directly into their production cars.

SF90 Ferrari Ferrari hybrid Stradale became the highest model of the Ferrari V8 (now Tributo Ferrari F8) family and the Ferrari Laferrari bridge model. 

Its existence has shifted the superior model Ferrari 812 superfast. We will invite you to see the latest Ferrari supercar design and provide all the technical and visual aspects in the 2019 Ferrari Stradale SF90 review.

Under Flavio Manzoni and Ferrari Style Center’s leadership, the chassis and exterior design of the new Ferrari Stradale 2019 SF90 use super durable but lightweight materials. 

One of which is carbon fiber. Ferrari also maximizes the aerodynamics of the Ferrari Stradale SF90 2019 with its approach to Formula 1 cars. More information about this supercar can be seen from front to rear.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Hybrid Exterior

The Ferrari Stradale 2019 SF90 has an aggressive front fascia design and futuristic matrix through a C-shaped LED touch lamp, which is in harmony with the shape of the air intake from the brakes on the front bumper. 

Ferrari designers also maximize the performance of vortex generators under the front of the car. Thanks to the position of the front chassis, which is 15 mm higher.

There are three large size air intake sections in the front grill area. Left and right air intakes serve to flow air to the radiator and deliver air to the front diffuser. Meanwhile, the air intake in the middle will cool the electric motor on the front axle.

We can see an aggressive approach in the Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019. From the side, you can see a more curved windshield combined with a slender A-pillar. 

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The roof curve is more sloping because the cabin space is 20 mm lower to reach a low center of gravity. Overhaul the side of the intake air to provide higher airflow to the intercooler in the aero hole. 
The exclusive rim concept of Blown Geometry can maximize the air out of the fender space in the tire while optimizing the flow of air from the front diffuser.

Ferrari designers enjoy the freedom of designing the rear, especially the rear engine hood area can lower because the engine position is also lower. 

With such a situation, they can maximize other design elements to produce better downforce. For example, they are installing a twin exhaust pipe right in the middle of the rear bumper.

For the sake of maximizing the effect of downforce, the Ferrari Design Center made the “Shut-Off Gurney” aerodynamic innovation. 

The aerodynamic system with a proper rear wing shape consists of two parts: the fixed-wing and the third brake light position and a panel near the rear hood that can automatically move up and down. 
Gurney’s Shut-off work concept is similar to the DRS (Drag Reduction System) system in F1 racing cars. 

This new aerodynamic system makes the Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019 have better rear downforce besides using a large rear diffuser.

Futuristic Interior

We can find a futuristic and radical approach in the interior of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019. Most of the buttons in the cockpit use haptic touch. Drivers can reach the buttons more quickly because the position is parallel to the steering area. The steering wheel already uses e-Manettino and controls the driving mode and power unit. 

There is a touchpad on the steering wheel’s right side that functions to adjust the instrument cluster and rotary buttons for cruise control. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019 instrument cluster system has a more futuristic approach with a 16-inch display screen and an advanced graphical interface. 

Ferrari also makes the HMI (Human Machine Interface) system a better experience for the driver when delivering information about the car’s condition and other supporting features such as audio entertainment and navigation.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019 still touches a racing car, for example, with semi-bucket seat models. There are buttons like the old Ferrari models that function as Launch Control, transmission mode, and rear brake buttons. The button’s position is in the central console area in the middle of the seat. 

The approach has been replaced by a lever in which the view follows the manual gear-shift gate design.


The driving mode on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019 is packed with eManettino features. This feature has two choices of modes, namely driving mode and power button unit.

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The drive mode still follows the current Ferrari car format, like Wet, Sport, Race, CT-Off, to ESC Off. Whereas on the left haptic touch panel, there are four different drive unit modes.

The first mode is “drive.” With this mode, the car will automatically run entirely using an electric motor with a maximum distance of 25 km. 

This feature will automatically turn on when the vehicle makes a reverse movement. The second mode on eManettino that functions to set the power unit is “Hybrid.” 

Hybrid mode is active by default when the car is started. Engine efficiency and energy regeneration during deceleration are used to charge batteries and produce satisfactory performance when driving.

The “Performance” mode makes the response of electric motors and engines more aggressive. Hybrid Mode focuses on priority mode for the efficiency of faster battery charging performance to get more robust electrical motor performance while ‘Qualify’ mode is the most rapid mode. 

Qualify maximizes all engine performance, both from fuel and electric motors. All engine responses are set to produce reliable performance when needed and minimize battery charging.

Besides eManettino, Ferrari is also developing technology to ensure AWD car handling remains responsive and enjoyable. 

These technologies are e-SSC (electronic Side Slip Control), Torque Vectoring on the front axle, Electric Traction Control, and RAC-e (electronic cornering set-up regulator).

Engine Performance

SF90 Stradale innovation focuses on the performance sector. Ferrari increased the capacity of the 90° V8 turbo engine to 4.0 liters. 

According to Ferrari, the engine can produce 780 CVs (769 hp) with a peak torque of 800 Nm. So, this is the strongest in the history of the Ferrari V8 engine.

Not only that, because Ferrari also applies MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic) technology, which is derived directly from F1 racing. 

In total, there are three electric motors on the 2019 Ferrari SF90 Stradale, two motors on the front axle, and one motor that exists between the V8 engine and the 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox transmission. 

With the 7.5 kWh lithium-ion battery’s support, the electric motor can produce a maximum performance of 220 CVs. V8 and MGU-K engine performance can change depending on the driver’s power unit mode via e-Manettino.

This combination of performance makes the Ferrari SF90 Stradale have a power of 1000 cv (986 hp), the largest in the Ferrari supercar’s history. 

The all-wheel-drive system (E4WD w / eTC, eDiff3) was first installed in this Ferrari car. Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019 can reach 0-100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds and speeds up to 340 km / h. 

Ferrari claims by only using an electric motor without the support of a V8 engine, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019 can travel a maximum distance of 25 km.

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