Dodge Ram 1500 Sputtering Loss Power

If you drive Dodge Ram 1500 every day, you also have to regularly take care of your favorite truck so that the condition is always excellent. Skipping car maintenance will undoubtedly create problems for your truck. Vehicles that work hard without proper care can cause the Dodge Ram 1500 sputtering loss power.

This condition can occur suddenly and even can make the acceleration feel heavy. Before you deal with it, you should know the causes and trigger factors and then find the right solution to fix it.



Causes Your Truck is Out of Power

Here are some reasons why sputtering or power loss occurs in your Dodge Ram 1500.

Engine Overheating

The leading cause is an overheating car engine. The reason is that the engine cooling system’s condition is not working optimally and causes the car engine components to expand enormously, especially in the cylinder or piston.

If the parts expand, then the piston shift in the cylinder wall becomes larger. As a result, the movement becomes heavier and automatically makes the engine power reduced or even lost.

Therefore, you should always check the engine temperature indicator on the dashboard.

If it shows the temperature rises above the standard limit, then stop your car immediately. It will be very dangerous when you drive it continuously, making the damage worse.

An easy way to deal with a hot car engine is to let the car a few moments until the temperature decreases by itself. After that, open the hood so that the engine cooling process can be helped by outside air.

Problems with the ignition system

The ignition system is an essential component that determines the power generated by the vehicle engine because it involves the combustion process.

When the ignition system is experiencing problems, power can decrease dramatically. Issues with the car ignition system are caused by damage to the spark plug, spark plug wires, coil, etc.

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The vehicle’s high engine temperature will continuously reduce the performance of the components in the ignition system. For example, the outer layer of spark plug wires hardens due to continuous heat exposure.

Extreme heat conditions cause the spark plug function to be disrupted, and the combustion process does not occur ideally. As a result, engine power is lost and sputtering.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filter conditions sometimes also cause car engine power to decrease.

Air filters are an essential component of a vehicle because it functions to filter the air so that it is free from various impurities that can disturb its performance. Besides, the engine needs oxygen from the air to help the combustion process.

When the air filter component is blocked by dirt or dust, the absorbed oxygen flow will decrease. How to resolve this problem is to remove all the dirt on the air filter.

But, if the filter condition is not suitable to use, you should replace it with a new one.

Dirty Spark Plugs

Dirty spark plug conditions often cause the car to lose power and not work optimally. Spark plugs have an essential role in influencing the final quality of the combustion system.

Dirty or crusty spark plugs will inhibit the combustion process in the engine. To overcome this problem, you can try to clean the vehicle spark plug component from dirt or crust or replace it with a new part if the damage is severe.

Prevents the Dodge Ram 1500 Sputtering Loss Power when Driving

It is crucial for you to not only know how to deal with the damage caused because also need to know how to keep your vehicle from losing power on the road.

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The most important thing you have to do is to check the ignition system and the car’s cooling system, whether it usually works or not. The following are the steps to check the car’s cooling and ignition systems.

  • First, check the radiator water. Is the condition cloudy, dirty, or still clean? It’s best if you know how to replace the radiator water at home, so you don’t have to take it to the garage, and this will save you money.
  • Make sure if the radiator is not wet. If that happens, then it shows the radiator leaks that you have to fix immediately.
  • Make sure the radiator water circulation runs smoothly and without obstacles.
  • Check the work of the cooling fan. Is it functioning normally or not? Because this will significantly affect the working temperature of the engine when you drive
  • Don’t forget, check the volume and quality of the lubricant you are using. Is the oil still good or not suitable for use? Make sure you always use the best and highest quality car lubricants so that the engine’s condition is well maintained.

Perform the above checks carefully and routinely to determine your vehicle’s status correctly and avoid the problem of losing engine power in the Dodge Ram 1500.

Of course, you can put your truck in the garage and get regular service from expert technicians. So, if there is a critical issue with the car, you can immediately get a solution.

Those things can cause Dodge Ram 1500 sputtering loss power and how to overcome them, and I hope the information above is useful for you.

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