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6 Easy Daily Car Maintenance Tips To Save More Money


Not many people are talented vehicle repairmen. Therefore, this brief information is shared to assist you in the daily car maintenance by yourself. By following the easy steps on this guide, I hope you’ll be able to resolve your vehicle troubles earlier before they grow to be extreme.

A man is checking the front tire pressure of a car during daily maintenance.

Period effectivity to your automobile and study some easy fixes can take you smoothly to your destination. Maintaining your car in the very best possible situation is crucial, not just for the lifetime of your vehicle.  However, extra importantly, to your expenses.

When you recognize one thing is incorrect, it’s better to get it repaired and spend little money than waiting for the issue to rise together with the higher price to overcome it.

Your automobile has various moving components that should work as an entire.

If one part is broken, the remaining components will get problems, and you need to spend more money to fix it.

Most of you usually are not mechanics, and when an issue arises, you spend cash to have an expert check the matter, or you ignore the issue easily till it turns unmanageable.

Here, a simple guide will explain how to get a cheerful interpretation of these two decisions.

It will also show you how to check your car routinely and then distinguish between good and bad noises, understand simple questions, and a little knowledge about how your automobile works.

When you’re completed reading, we hope you use the following pointers and methods to improve the durability of your lovely car.

Daily Car Maintenance Tips: Things You Can Do More Often

The following are uncomplicated checklists that you can carry out while you’re refueling your car or have time before you sit behind the wheel.  

They could prevent you from any accident or allow you to understand it’s time to do vehicle maintenance. Either way, detecting the problem will enable you to prepare concerning significant repairs before it gets worse.

1. Make Sure Enough Fluids

Windscreen wiper fluid should reach the minimum level limit, and don’t use tap water for it because the mineral will clog washer flow.

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The lubricant doesn’t have an unexpected color (black with impurities), and the engine coolant must be at a suitable volume.

For safety reasons, don’t check coolant with the car on and at high temperature because the tank’s intense pressure may cause serious harm if you remove the cap in hot condition.

2. Your Car’s Tires are in Good Condition

This checklist point is likely one of the essential issues that you cannot ignore, and it’s not hard to do. However, many people forget it.

So, be sure to check the condition of your car tires regularly. Bald tires would endanger safety when driving. Accidents caused by other car components’ failure are smaller in number than accidents due to tires’ wear out.

Therefore, avoid driving with poor tire rubber conditions and make sure the tire’s air pressure is ideal.

3. Use the Right Gas for Your Car

Improper fueling or choosing cheaper and non-standard gas labels on vehicles can cause damage to components such as engine overheating and perforated pistons.

The indication is that you will hear a “knocking effect” or strange noises in the engine because the engine compression is not optimal when ignited by a spark plug.

So, make sure you always choose the right gas for your car.

4. Replace Damaged Car Lights and Check It Periodically

Pay attention to the car lighting system and the bulb. Check the condition of the car lights. Is it still appropriate to use or not? Even though it looks trivial, the headlights, turn signal, blinkers, and fog lights are essential for your safety and others on the road. Re-check the electrical system, especially the cable connection and conditions, and the bulb.

5. Don’t Leave the Gas Tank Empty

Drivers often ignore refueling because they leave the gas tank empty. Vehicle owners rarely fill the gas full, even though it’s not a good idea.

Tanks that contain only a little fuel will have a lot of space, which causes air to be easily condensed.

Also, fuel is a cooling medium for fuel pumps. This pump must remain submerged; otherwise, cooling will not work correctly.

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You should refill gas when the volume is half the tank remaining, and you should not drive when the fuel volume is a quarter tank or less so that the components inside are durable.

Besides, fuel tanks made of iron plates are prone to rust. If you often refill a little fuel, then over time, there will be corrosion in areas that are rarely submerged.

6. Wash and Clean Your Car

When washing the car, you will know the condition of your vehicle in more detail. Maybe you will find some problems in the door handles, windshield wipers, loose bolts, and other parts that you might miss.

Dirt that sticks too long on the car’s body or window slowly causes the vehicle’s appearance to permanently dull. Furthermore, you have to spend more money to take it to the car salon and make it shine again.

Even the sand that accumulates under the car can cause rust. A dirty car cabin will make you often spend time and money repairing car air conditioners. Also, the resale value of your car will fall.

If you live in a port city or winter with a very high salt level on the streets, that can cause corrosion and eventually damage the undercarriage.

Therefore, you can save a lot of money by washing it regularly. You only need an ordinary hose or pressure hose, then spray the car’s bottom to remove the salts stuck in the metal.

Meanwhile, if you are entering snow time, you no longer need to warm your car for at least half an hour or be busy with an ice scraper that makes you tired.

The trick is you can just put a blanket or towel on the windshield at night. You will be happy in the morning because you throw the snow quickly, and they don’t stick to your vehicle’s windshield.

The information above is tips for daily maintenance of your car that you can do yourself easily, quickly, making you able to save a lot of money and improve safety and driving comfort.


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