7 Essential Tips for Choosing a Suitable Car for Beginner Female Drivers

Are you a woman and new to the automotive world? Here are some critical tips from the automobile experts when choosing a car for novice female drivers.

Car for Beginner Female Drivers

Useful Tips When You Want To Choose A Car For Beginner Female Drivers

Finding the first car may not be as tricky as finding your first love. It would be best if you considered many things, including driving comfort and road safety. For novice female drivers who desire to buy a brand new car, we provide seven tips that can be used to find a suitable vehicle for your needs.

1. Driving Safety

Before you consider other components and features, you should think of driving safety as a priority. So, this is an important point that must be met by every vehicle because it not only protects you when driving but also prevents accidents that can harm other road users.

It is important to remember that the vehicle safety system is an important determining factor when choosing a car. So, select a vehicle that meets the minimum safety requirements, such as an airbag or crumpled zone. Some modern automobiles have Anti-lock Braking systems (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) braking systems.

2. Visibility

Visibility is an essential key for novice drivers regarding how well they will drive on the road. Some vehicles have better sightlines than others. So, make sure to test the car first to find out how good their visibility is.

The window size, pillar A, and the number of blind spots on the car will affect visibility when driving, especially when you are looking for a suitable vehicle for short women. Getting a car with a parking system can be a solution to increase visibility. If necessary, you can choose a car that offers a 360 camera system or a parking camera.

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3. Ease of driving

Beginner drivers usually need time to adapt to the car and road conditions. The first car for novice drivers should help women get used to driving with confidence and provide comfort while on the road. Therefore, a car with an Electronic Power Steering feature will be beneficial, and another feature you can consider is the Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

4. Car size

At present, extensive, sporty MPVs and SUVs seem to dominate the world automotive market. But the car model is mostly in demand by drivers who are already married where they need luggage and roomy cabin space. So you also need to address the size of the area in the vehicle before choosing it.

Large cars offer better protection in the event of an accident than compact automobiles. However, for female novice drivers, driving a large vehicle can be difficult because the car body’s risk of being scratched is higher when it passes through narrow lanes and has worse visibility than smaller cars.

5. Durability

Durability is another crucial factor when you are about to buy a new or used vehicle. Nothing wrong if you choose a used car with a more modern production year without significant problems. In addition to getting a lower price, you can also prepare to replace it with a better car later. Don’t forget to pay attention to reviews and comparisons of used and new vehicles at NiceCar.xyz.

6. Price

Most women need more consideration to buy their first car. Based on research conducted by Carbuyer, although women are more experienced in shopping, men have a 20 percent greater chance to negotiate and get lower car prices.

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Therefore, make sure to know the budget you have.

After that, you can determine the most attractive brand or model according to the budget.

You should not only focus on one brand or model of vehicle. Also, avoid buying cars with price ranges above your budget because you always have lots of choices with various price ranges out there.

7. Style

Although not a significant factor, the form of a woman’s car is also essential when dealing with your profession. Many new cars offer a more modern look and more complete features than older cars. But don’t worry because you can still get a used car at a lower price with an attractive appearance.


Choosing a car for beginner female drivers is not just about style or fuel consumption. But a car must have safety, comfort and make it easier for women when they drive.

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