10 Best Car Paint Protection Products [High Quality]

Car paint protection is a unique product that can protect the vehicle’s paint layer. However, many products are on the market, such as Turtle Wax, Meguiars, 3M, etc. Therefore, we will recommend the best car paint protection products that you can make as a reference. We also explain the essential points you need to know when choosing paint protection

A shiny car

What are the primary uses of car paint protection?

The car paint protection will “coat” the vehicle with a strong shield. So this is different from car shampoo. You can regain the beautiful shine on the car body that has been lost for years of use.

The car body will be protected from dust and dirt, and the frequency of car washing will be less. Not only that, because car paint protection products can also prevent scratches.

How to choose the right car paint protection

We will explain the points you need to consider before choosing a car paint protection.

Choose the type based on the final appearance and cost.

There are four types of car paint protection out there. First, focus on what you want to get and then determine each type’s strengths and weaknesses.

1. Wax: the price is affordable, but the durability is less

The wax coating is used to polish the vehicle to make it look shiny. Its use is relatively easy and can be done in a short time. It is suitable for you who want to make the car look great instantly.

Also, because the price is economical, many consumers choose it. 

However, this wax coating’s durability is relatively short, around 2-4 weeks after polishing, depending on the frequency of car washing and whether the car is often exposed to rain.

2. Polymer coating: Easy to use for anyone

This polymer coating will protect the car paint when applied to the surface of the paint. 

Not only affordable, but polymer coating is also the most effective type to protect car paint than any other kind.

A car salon is a perfect place you can choose to get reasonably cheap polishing costs. You can also do it yourself because this type of product is straightforward to find and use. 

Therefore, this type of car paint protection is suitable for people who don’t really understand cars or female users.

The drawback is the resulting layer is relatively thin, so you need to re-polish it, preferably every two or three months. 

This type is actually more appropriate to be used by people who have more time to do regular car maintenance.

3. Glass coating: The strongest and can last up to more than one year

The advantage of glass coating is that its durability is more reliable than any other product because of nano ceramic.

Glass coating is not only resistant to rain and dust but also resistant to scratches. Its durability is more than one year, so you don’t need to polish it often.

If you want to polish it yourself, then you need better knowledge and preparation. This cannot be easy if you are not used to doing car maintenance. Also, the price offered for polishing services using glass coating in car salons is quite expensive.

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Even though the packaging says glass coating, many products contain polymers, especially glass coating products intended for your own use. Sometimes car salons use glass coatings that contain polymers.

If so, the results won’t last as long as you expect. So, first, check the quality of the product that you are going to use.

4. Fluorine coating: The quality is between polymer and glass coating

With a higher price than a polymer coating, the polishing results are also better. Even so, the price is still lower than the glass coating. Its durability is relatively long with excellent quality.

This type of product is suitable for those looking for car paint protection with higher quality than polymer coating but at a price below the glass coating. You also do not need to re-polish within the next 3-6 months.

You can apply fluorine coating yourself at home. But the quality and content vary greatly, so you must be careful when choosing it.

Choose the waterproof effect that matches the color of your car.

When you apply protection to car paint, it will increase the waterproof effect. Based on this, there are two types of products, namely water repellent and hydrophilic.

Please note, you should use the type that matches the body paint color for maximum results. So, avoid products that don’t match the color of your vehicle.

Water repellent type: Suitable for light-colored cars

The type of water repellent or hydrophobic has the same effect as wax or waterproof spray, which is the most popular on the market.

Car protection products with hydrophobic types have a tremendous self-cleaning effect. Dirt and dust tend to stick to the coated surface, and it does your job when washing the car more comfortably.

However, water spheres also affect a lens. When exposed to sunlight, it will become stains on the surface of the car or water spot. Especially in the car body with a dark color, water stains will be more clearly seen.

Therefore, the type of water repellent is more suitable for cars with brightly colored paint. But if you still want to use it for the dark color, you need to dry or wipe the water after washing the car or if your vehicle is exposed to rain.

Hydrophilic type: suitable and safe for dark-colored cars

Hydrophilic type products will make water love the surface of the car. So the principle is the opposite of the hydrophobic type. Instead of repelling water, it actually makes the water flow down.

The advantage is that this type of product does not leave water spots on your car. You also don’t need to worry about using this product for dark colors. But, this type is also suitable for bright colors (universal).

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The drawback is that you need to re-polish your car regularly because the hydrophilic type’s performance is difficult to see directly. So, without you know, maybe the effects are already gone.

Also, most of the car paint protection products on the market are hydrophobic. Meanwhile, there aren’t too many hydrophilic types, so you have fewer choices.

Check the compounding agent on your car’s paint protection.

Car paint protection can also contain abrasive substances or compounding agents.

Although it is beneficial for getting rid of stubborn dirt or water stains on car paint, compounding agents can also damage the car body’s surface.

Sure, you will need more time and energy, but you should not choose products with compounds. 

So, the surface of your car body won’t be damaged or scratched. We advise you to clean the dirt and dust on the car body before applying the car paint protection fluid.

Many products do not always clearly mention the compounding agent’s content. 

Therefore, you should be more careful when choosing and always read other users’ reviews, so you trust the car paint protection product you prefer.

Choose products for professionals if you want the best results.

If you want maximum polishing results, you can choose exclusive products for professional use. But the price is definitely higher, and the processing time can be longer. 

Even so, the results are very much different, and you will be more satisfied!

So if you are a car enthusiast, it doesn’t hurt if you try to use car paint protection products with professional quality.

The Best Car Paint Protector Products You Will Love

The following are the 10 best-recommended car paint protection. Remember, choose a product that suits your needs.

1. Metallic Car Wax (Turtle Wax)

The gloss maximizer makes your car shinier! You must be happy that the car is always as bright as a new car.


Gloss maximizer protects your car paint maximally with exceptional performance. This product is suitable if you want the vehicle’s appearance to always be in the best condition!

2. Meguiars Paint Protect

This Meguiars product is capable of protection for one year or more. For maximum results in polishing, you can apply this product after waxing.

Meguiars Paint Protect

So if you usually use wax for your car, you can try Car Protect with a more straightforward process and better results.

3. Nano Coating Polish (American Magic Polisher)

With Nano Coating Polish, dust and dirt do not easily stick to the surface of the car. 


Also, in the rainy season, you don’t need to worry because the coating can minimize paint damage due to rainwater. This product can also protect windows from UV rays.

nano coating polish

Interior parts such as leather seats and dashboard can also be adequately cleaned by Nano Coating. So with this single product, you can treat the exterior and interior of the car as well.

4. Sealant Guard Ultra Coating Paint Protection (Keem)

This spray product is easy to apply to vehicles. Even so, you still need to polish it carefully for optimal results.

Sealant Guard Ultra Coating Paint Protection (Keem)

Slight scratches on the car disguised, and the vehicle will be shiny. So, if your vehicle has minor scratches, then this product is suitable for you!

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5. Fusso Coat F7 Pearl & Metallic

More waterproof, it doesn’t matter if your car is often exposed to rain.

TSI technology (Top Shield Impervious) can actively protect the car paint coating for up to 7 months. 

Also, it has WARP technology (Wipe Assitance Radical Power) so that this product is quickly absorbed in the car paint layer. As a result, your vehicle will be protected with a superhydrophobic coating.

Fusso Coat F7 Pearl & Metallic

Besides being resistant to rain, this product is also easy to clean and protects the paint from scratches. You only need to apply this product with a sponge after washing the car. 


The process is easy, and the results are optimal, suitable for you who live in areas with high rainfall.

6. Crystal Nano Shield Protection 9H (Shield Protection)

With nano-ceramic base material, this product provides reliable protection on car paint. It also presents a powerful super glossy and hydrophobic effect.

Crystal Nano Shield Protection 9H

If you have a problem with swirl scratch stains on your car, this product is the right choice because it can disguise it up to 60%.

7. PG Polymer Sealant (PG Permaglass)

Protection that will maximize the car’s chrome layer!

This product contains a special compound for the chrome coating on the car as protection from UV rays, pollution, rainwater, etc.

PG Polymer Sealant (PG Permaglass)

Suitable for you who need car paint protection and maximize the chrome layer.

8. JET BLACK Black Spray Wax (Turtle wax)

This spray product is specifically for vehicles in black color. The Hi-gloss and Endurance formula will shine black car paint to make it look stunning.

JET BLACK Black Spray Wax (Turtle wax)

The bold effect will make your car look new.

9. Premium Nano Ceramic Coating Liquid (9H Mr. FIX™)

Claimed to be free of toxins and eco-friendly, this product is perfect for you who prioritize health.

Premium Nano Ceramic Coating Liquid (9H Mr. FIX™)

Also, this product can protect car paint for more than three years!

10. Premium Wax (3M)

This product contains carnauba, which is safe for car paint surfaces. The price is economical enough for routine use, but this product only lasts for a few weeks.

Premium Wax (3M)

Suitable for those of you who have a lot of time and are looking for products at very economical prices!


We have explained the types of car paint protection and provided recommendations on the best products. Have you found the right one for your vehicle?

Please leave the process to an expert, like a car salon. If you are used to car maintenance, you can do it yourself at home and save money. 
Choose car paint protection products according to your needs and budget.

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