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American Flag Window Decal Ram 1500

Do you want the appearance of your Ram truck to be more attractive? It's easy. You can install the American Flag Window Decal Ram 1500.

With cool graphic decals, your truck will look different than the other wheels on the road. Decal stickers on the window or car body will make it look more stylish and accentuate the character of the vehicle owner.

Images of Cool American Flag Window Decal for Pickup Truck Ram 1500

The following are the pictures of the American Flag Decal on the rear window of RAM 1500.

American flag window decal on the right side of rear window blue ram 1500 in the wintertime

Black American flag window decal on blue ram 1500 4x4 longhorn

Black American flag with blue line decal on rear window red ram 1500 with a nice dodge emblem on the tailgate

Colorful American flag decal in a heart shape on rear window red ram 1500 and distressed black US flag on the bed side

Colorful skull American flag decal on rear window black ram 1500

Colorful heart shape American flag window decal sticker on black ram 1500

Colorful US flag decal on window red ram 1500 4x4 

Skull punisher American flag on rear window blue Dodge-ram 1500 in winter-time

distressed American flag decal on window black ram 1500 with tailgate opened

American flag and eagle decal on rear window blue ram 1500 4x4 with an emblem on the tailgate

How to Install an American Flag Window Decal Ram 1500 Easily

If you don't know about the technique of properly installing the Ram American flag decal on the rear window or car body, the results will be disappointing and untidy.

The following is how to install decal stickers on a car properly.

  1. Clean Your Car First
    Prepare supporting tools such as hairdryer, needle, soap, bucket, cloth, and ruler. We recommend that you wash the car first to clean it so that there is no hard dirt during the installation of decals.

  2. Immediately dry the car after you clean it.
    Use a dry cloth to wipe the car to make it easier to install the decal.

  3. Car Polishing
    After drying, you can continue to clean up the car body with alcohol cleaning, gasoline, or wax. Use a sponge to make it even easier for the polishing process. When finished, touch the car's surface to feel whether it's smooth or not. If so, you can continue installing the sticker. While installing the decal on the car window will be easier because the part is easy to clean.

  4. Install the Sticker
    Determine the starting point of installation and stick the decal on the surface of the car body or window and make sure it's in the right position. Be careful when removing patches otherwise, the results will be bad

  5. Make sure the Stickers Stick Tightly
    Use a thin rubber with a flat edge to gently press the surface of the sticker so that there is no air bubble between the surface of the car body and decal. Next, use a hairdryer to dry it.

  6. Finishing
    Double-check every corner and curve of the decal. If you find air bubbles, you can use a needle to release the air. Then press the surface slowly and evenly using a ruler.
Ryan Daniel
Ryan Daniel Ryan Daniel is a car enthusiast. Since owning his first BMW at a young age, he has loved the automotive world even more.