2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X Reviews

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X reviews are an exciting topic. When Jeep went for G, it was truly a brand that forged its name on off-road capabilities.


Maybe you can remember in the 1980s when Jeep came out with the Grand Cherokee. That’s the SUV that we know today because vehicles and things have changed with the Grand Cherokee Limited X.

You’re going to get some features, especially physical features that you were only able to get on the Trackhawk that 6.2L Supercharged HEMI V8 SRT monster engine, generates 707 HP, and some of the physical appearances of that vehicle.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X 2019: Exterior

Front Side

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X has a great style of headlight design. You got your LED daytime running lamps, and the grill is seven vertical slots. Many people say that is the meaning of Jeep is the first on seven continents.


The grille looks nice in metallic and glossy black finish. Below that, you have a similar design with deep black and a nice little metallic touch.

Unfortunately, you get fake vents on both front sides.  But other than that, you have an aggressive style from the front end, especially with the different lighting features that are in the front fascia.

The hood is excellent, and you’ll love the functional heat extractors because it gives a nice shape and personality that you’re not going to find on your ordinary Jeep Grand Cherokee.


You’ll like the way they finish everything off in that same body color around the bend, and there are no flat black ABS. The 20-inch wheels are specific to Limited X trim levels, it’s good gunmetal gray and working perfectly with the body color.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X nailed it with this combo. It’s a 265 on the width and 50 series on the sidewalls. That’s what all numbers mean on the side of the tires.


The fender is nice and clean. Very simple, there aren’t many emblems that are studded everywhere. You will like the blackened mirror. That’s another touch.

So you have a blackened grille, a unique hood, and then a mirror that is blacked with an LED turn signal mounted inside. There is one game badge next to the Grand Cherokee, and you will like the dark color because it blends in very well.


Dark roof rails and body lines express that the Grand Cherokee is very “rough” looks very off-road when it comes to appearance.


At the rear of the vehicle, you have LED tail lights, a Jeep logo, and Limited X trim. At the bottom, you will get vacuum style exhausts.


The rear bumper fascia and lower parts blend with the exhaust pipe. You will love the way they are blackened and not glossy, so you have very clean outback.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X 2019: Engine

When you open the hood, you can see the functional heat extractors, and the SRT badging is embossed well in the underside.

However, maybe you’ll not like the Rubbermaid engine cover because it looks like a lid of a trash can at online stores.

Under the hood is a 3.6 liter V6, generates 293 HP @ 6,400 Rpm, 275 lbs-feet of torque @ 4,000 Rpm, and a towing capacity of around 3,500 lbs. The gross vehicle weight rating is 6,500 lbs, and the transmission is an 8-speed automatic.

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However, Limited X will give you a nice middle spot. You get some of the stylings and a nice mid-row price level, but maybe not the performance. If you want more outstanding performance, you can go to Track-hawk and have 707 HP.


Grand Cherokee Limited X has a nice balance of options, and you’ll love its hood. The MSRP is around $45,295.

You have four color option on this trim, they are:

  • Diamond black crystal pearl
  • Slate blue pearl
  • Velvet red pearl
  • Bright white clear

If you live in a cold area and often struggle when heating your car’s engine, you can add an engine block heater as a mechanical feature for $ 95. Furthermore, for more complete additional features, you can get a ProTech II package for $ 1,895 or a trailer-tow group IV for $ 895.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X 2019: Interior

Front Interior

Door panels have a lot of dark material but are of good quality. You will love the leather on the armrest. Some nice wood trims have good flow, a nice little shiny chrome on top provides something extra. But the good news is that the touch is very soft.


Soft-touch also feels on the dashboard. You will like how the wood design flows into the infotainment system.

You might think that black gloss will be dirty with fingerprints. But it is very rarely touched because you will focus on the 8-inch screen infotainment screen.

You have navigation, control seats, and heated seats. But there is no ventilated seat, and you only have a heated steering wheel.

You can access backup cameras and directionals that move with the right and left wheels as a good feature.

On the map, you can get climate control. You have a dual climate at a Limited X trim level, which is all great. You can adjust it directly on the screen. But if you don’t like the modern way, you can do it using buttons. You have an excellent blower switch, volume knob, and more useful settings.

In the lower part, you get 12 volts and 2 USBs. You have two nice cup holders. The shifters look good and will control an 8-speed automatic. But maybe you think they forgot to put some type of cover in a small storage area next to the cupholders.

The armrest has an excellent and high pad. When you open it and place something, it won’t get scratched because it’s felt-lined. If you open it fully, you get a deep storage area, more felt-lining with LED lights, and there are also 12 volts.

The seats have a nice view and are very comfortable. You will like the perforated middle area and very soft material. Not only that, in this trim, both the driver and passenger also get full electric assist.

Even if you are 6 feet tall, you will still have plenty of headroom.

Behind The Wheel

The key fob has a nice Jeep logo on it and a nice weight.

The steering wheel has a good design and size. You will find the Jeep logo, and the buttons are nice and flat. They are designed not to stand out, and they are flat-black.


A small touch can be significant like since 1941, which was historic for Jeep. Many people like it when carmakers put the little easter eggs in a certain place.

Paddles on the back of the steering wheel are made of plastic and are very small. However, they are there if you want to shift through an 8-speed automatic.

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Also, you have an analog tech speedometer. You can switch through many different things in the middle. You have tire pressure, lane-keep assists, and many other safety features.

You will also get information about fuel consumption. The appearance is obvious; the color design and the use of fonts are also excellent.

Back Seats

Many people say negative things about FCA products. But a lot of space in the back seat area, you will like it. You have plastic on the back of a seat, but maybe some people don’t like it. You know, as parents, many children punch or kick car seats. But with plastic material, of course, they won’t scratch the leather.

You get two AC vents, a home power source, and two USBs. The FCA seat is very nice, and you can make it up or down comfortably and easily. The armrest is perfect, soft, and you also get two cup holders.

Cargo Space

You have an electric assist to open the cargo area door. You have a big storage room, and seats could do 60/40 splits.


Also, you have a very good 12-volt and button to close the cargo area easily once you press it.


The driver and passenger seats are very supportive, and you will like the way they fit your body. When you drive, you can see at least one heat extractor from the driver’s side. With Limited X, you will feel a bit more special than the ordinary Jeep Grand Cherokee.

But there is a little disappointment in the mirror. You certainly want a mirrorless frame on vehicles at this price level. However, the 8-inch infotainment system is perfect, and you will like the instrumentation in the front interior. The speedometer is very clear. You get a lot of functions, and everything looks perfect.

The air conditioner works very well, and you can easily do all the controls. 8-speed automatic transmission feels smooth but a little slow on acceleration.

It is normal because this SUV is not a Trail Hawk with faster acceleration. Nevertheless, the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X has a good balance for its weight.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X does have a tremendous and extraordinary towing capacity. Overall, you will like the spacious driver’s room.

The dashboard is slightly forward in design, the top is lower, and visibility out the back window is easy.

But the steering is rather light. Many people want a little more weight on the steering wheel, just for the need to feel driving satisfaction. Also, the paddles are a bit strange because the size is quite small. You will hope they will replace it later. So, will most people use paddles with their Grand Cherokee Limited X?

The brake pedal feels very good and sturdy as you wish. Acceleration is very smooth, capable, and very comfortable. There’s no noise in the cabin, and everything felt calm.

If you are in the back seat, you have a lot of space there. Also, you get a good command center.

We just hope they will put a frameless mirror and some ventilated seats. But at $ 45k, when you compare it with some of the other SUVs in this segment, you should put Jeep products on your car purchase list.

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