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2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Oil Change


In this straightforward guide, we will explain to you about the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee oil change that you can do yourself at home, and of course, this will make you save more money than you have to find a mechanic in the garage to do it.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

An oil change is just some essential maintenance. For example, you want to do it on a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 3.6 l engine.

However, when doing this work, you might need to replace the oil filter because the conditions are already unfit for reuse. This filter is called a canister, and it is a little bit different from most other vehicle filters; it’s just the insert.

Also, you need to reset the reminder maintenance light on the dashboard.

First, you must go underneath the Jeep to change the oil, and then you’ll know they go up under the hood, and you’re going to remove the canister filter. You can replace that at the same time.

Drain Oil

It would help if you prepared a bucket to collect the oil. You’ll need to get better lighting underneath the vehicle. The oil drain plug is about 13 mm, and you can take that plug out.

Use a funnel and jerry to make the floor dirty so that there are not many oil splashes.  Wait a few moments and observe, make sure all the oil is drained.

Once this finishes draining, you can plug it back up. Next, tighten it, and you can wipe off the oil residue on the drain cover, and then you can go up top.

Change The Filter and O-ring

After you complete your business underneath, you can lower the car down. It’s time to change the filter on the top—your oil filter is located underneath the hood.

To reach that, you need to open a cover in the area where V6 is written. Just turn it quickly and take it off. After that, it gives you direct access to the oil filter housing. You can use a 24 mm socket to get the filter lid. After that, you can remove and take the filter assembly out.

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For your reference, you can buy a versatile kit called multiple sockets—all the most useful standard where it includes a 24 mm size.

You can put the 24 mm head socket and put it down inside till it fits perfectly. Then you can use a long extension and a ratchet to take it off. Maybe you need two hands to do this.

Next, after you do that, you can put the filter housing in a small container.

Check the o-ring on the housing because maybe you need to change that too if the condition isn’t feasible.

Use your gloves and take out the filter by your hand. Remember the position when you took it out because that’s the way when you put it back in. The filter housing is only made of plastic. Therefore you have to be careful with it to avoid crack.

If you need to replace the o-ring, you can use the screwdriver or any tools to hook it and take that over because you want to replace that with a new one. After that, don’t forget to wipe it clean.

You must have a new filter the same as the old one.

If all fine, you can put the new filter back down inside where it belongs.

Also, make sure you have a new o-ring. You can put it over the top and head down to the groove where it previously came. You need to put a little bead of clean oil around the o-ring before putting it back inside.

Next, tighten the housing as far as you can by hand, and then use the ratchet to tighten it further. Now, your job to replace the filter and o-ring is complete. Don’t forget to close it again as before.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee oil change: Refill Oil

Make sure you use the correct oil for the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can see the required oil specifications on the oil tank cap. For example, you need a 5W-20 oil when you see it says SAE 5W-20 and usually requires six quarts of oil, and make sure you tighten the lid before you try to start the vehicle.

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Even though you know that it takes six quarts of oil after you start the engine, you need to take out a dipstick to check the oil volume to ensure the oil is full, and you need to add more if the level is less.

Now, again make sure that there are no leaks from the oil filter housing; it must nice and dry. If everything is OK, then you can continue resetting the maintenance remind light.

Reset Maintenance (Oil Life)

According to the maintenance plan, if it doesn’t reset the first time, you’ll need to redo it again. So the way you do it is you get in the vehicle.

Without pushing the pedal brake, you can press and release the Start / Stop button and set the ignition system to the On / Run state, but don’t start the engine. Then, slowly, fully push the accelerator pedal three times in ten secs, to reset up to 100%.

Furthermore, without pushing the brake, press then releases the Start / Stop button once to set back the engine ignition system to the Off / Lock state. In case you see the indicator message lights up when you start the vehicle, then the oil change indicator doesn’t reset. If required, you can do this procedure again.

If that doesn’t reset the first time or the second time, don’t panic; you are doing everything right. You need to be patient and repeat it.

That’s a guide to the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee oil change, and you can also do the same for the 2011 model and beyond.


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