Do You Need to Buy a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning?


Do you expect to purchase a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning? Well, this truck goes above any other electric car, a version that will encourage anyone to adopt electricity. Although it looks not much different from the conventional F-150, its strength lies in its environmental friendliness and cost benefits. As an EV, the Ford F-150 Lighting … Read more

2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE Review


More than 25 years ago, Toyota introduced a new vehicle segment to the world called the RAV4. It was designed to appeal to customers looking for a sports vehicle but demanded a slightly smaller car to get better mileage. Now fast forward two and a half decades, many people favor the updated 2022 Toyota RAV4 … Read more

Chip Shortage Cars [Why It Happened?]


Chip Shortage Cars – The automotive industry is currently experiencing a shortage of chips in the market. Suppliers are unable to meet demands, and as a result, manufacturers are having trouble with production lines. Many companies have been forced to seek out other options, including redesigning their cars to use fewer chips, looking for alternative … Read more

Noco Genius1 Battery Charger Review


Are you tired of buying expensive batteries for your car? Alright, the Noco Genius1 battery charger is a new way to charge all your vehicles.  Although the Noco Genius1 and the G750 are almost identical, the Noco Genius1 is superior to the G750. It is 35 percent smaller, yet it can produce greater power. It’s … Read more

How To Check And Change Transmission Fluid

As of 2010, approximately 10 billion liters of transmission fluid were produced annually. Approximately 800 Olympic-sized swimming pools could be filled with this volume of liquid! The purpose of this fluid is to act as a lubricant for the moving components inside your transmission system. Transmission systems are designed to allow you to change gears … Read more

OBD Scan Tool: Do You Need One?


What is the OBD Scan Tool? OBD scan tool is a diagnostic device that can read and clear fault codes from the vehicle’s computer. The scan tool also allows you to view real-time sensor data, check fuel economy, perform engine tests, and more. The OBD scan tool is a professional diagnostic tool that can diagnose … Read more

Car Engine Sensors [A Complete Guide]


Do you know about all car engine sensors? Alright, I’ll explain each one, their function, how they work, their position, and what happens if they break. So, this is a comprehensive article on vehicle engine sensors, and I will provide helpful information about 16 different types of sensors. Now the engine and ECU do need … Read more

1994-2008 Dodge Ram Problems (Top Issues)


It is always interesting to know Dodge Ram problems in the second generation (1994 – 2002) and the third generation (2002-2008). Here, I’ll cover the top issues for this truck. There is nothing wrong with this vehicle, and I hope you don’t regret it when you own it or buy it because every car has … Read more

Ram TRX 1500 Is A Modern Truck With V8 And 702 HP


If you’ve been following the headlines about the many never-ending horsepower pickup competitions, you could be in with a chance to win a 702 hp Ram pickup vehicle. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you everything about the truck. The Ram TRX engine is a V8 Hellcat with a massive 2380 cc TWIN-SCREW IHI supercharger that boosts … Read more

Dodge Ram 1500 Starts Then Dies [Causes and Solutions]


Today I will tell you why Dodge Ram 1500 starts then dies and how to fix it. However, neglecting car engine maintenance can cause the car to die suddenly, and you can’t start it. You cannot continue driving, and this problem interferes with your activities. If your car breaks down while in the middle of … Read more